1. omahawk's Avatar
    Has there been any mention of enhanced camera features/function with the ICS update?

    Specifically the ability to adjust ISO, Contrast, Sharpness, Face Detection, etc. before taking a picture? I have CameraZoom FX, HDR+ and Camera360. They all do what I like but don't want to have to go to 3 separate apps to take pictures. I also have an HTC phone and the stock Camera app in Gingerbread is far superior to what we have available.
    05-29-2012 02:24 PM
  2. anon(51467)'s Avatar
    Sorry to say, but if you want that much control of your camera maybe a regular digital camera is what you need. Those are nice controls but it is stretching what you want your cell phone to do.
    06-20-2012 10:05 AM
  3. omahawk's Avatar
    How is what I would like to see function wise stretching? I am not asking the camera on this phone to be a DSLR, I would like to have some of the functionality that the other manufacturers give their phones camera's available on ours.
    06-20-2012 12:50 PM
  4. anon(51467)'s Avatar
    I get your point and I meant no offense. My first thought on a smart phone and cameras is that it is a cell phone first and that the additional features are extras and we should be happy to get what we get. Perhaps you should trade the Arix for a cell phone with a camera having features you want. Personally the more I use mine the more I want something else and can't wait to get rid of it.

    But I digress.

    I think you can contact Motorola and AT&T to suggest they add these features. I would support you in your request, but as I have been with AT&T so long I know they will ignore such requests.
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    06-22-2012 08:59 AM
  5. iN8ter's Avatar
    It's not AT&T's fault, so I have no clue why you are telling him to suggest anything to AT&T. If Motorola had camera software on par with HTC (Vivid, One X) or Samsung (SGS2/SR, GS3) or took as good pictures/video as an iPhone 4/4S on default settings it wouldn't be an issue.

    Reason why these settings seem necessary to some people is cause there are issues with softness and dull colors with the camera and there is nothing in the phone they can do to try to combat that. Those other cameras perform better than the Atrix 2 on default settings and still have the more advanced controls in there, as well as a ton of value-add features (like HDR, Half Speed 720p recording, etc.).

    Motorola just needs to develop a better camera software. AT&T will not turn down something that can potentially sell more phones :P Especially when that's the best Motorola device they have on their network at the moment.

    All of Moto's phones have this issue (Atrix 2, Bionic, Droid RAZR) with softness and dull colors, and they all share basically the same camera software. I doubt AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint are colluding to make the camera software subpar comparative to competing devices :P
    06-23-2012 04:00 AM
  6. anon(51467)'s Avatar
    Sure Moto is to blame but I am sure AT&T would take a year to deliver any software updates that might be able to help with the settings. You know, all that carrier testing prior to release BS.

    All my pics from my Atrix2 are quite decent when I show them on TV with HDMI. Maybe I got lucky with this device.

    You all can disregard my comments as I am terribly tired of this device. Although I get decent pics, this thing force closes SMS or email every other day when typing, cannot hang up a call, and randomly force closes the web browser, this is my 3rd A2 and it still stinks. I can't wait to get rid of this thing.
    06-23-2012 11:59 PM
  7. CTerrian's Avatar
    I agree with Pineypl. The only issue I have with the camera is the focus. Many times I'd like to take a shot, (in a situation where the light is good, and the object is about 4 feet away) without having to wait for the damn thing to focus. Other than that, the camera is pretty damn good for a cell phone.
    06-25-2012 09:14 AM