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    I'm coming from a BlackBerry Torch 9810 so I love the 4.5" display on the AHD and the colors look really good on this device! The calls are very clear and the volume is loud enough that I have to turn it down a couple of notches which I LOVE! Thank you Moto for putting in a really good phone! Ill be traveling to an area that doesnt get good cell coverage, so Im anxious to see how the AHD performs but Ive heard it does well with signal strength!

    So why did I leave BlackBerry? Lack of apps. Thats it. The world passed them by and they arent even part of the conversation anymore. Im interested in BlackBerry 10 but this wont fix the app issue soon enough imo. My BB did everything else for me, especially for business but the AHD does this tooso far as I can tell! Such as the built in QuickOffice, settings for meetings (which Ill be using ALL THE TIME) and I LOVE this has a vehicle doc WITH a UI for car mode! Do you think my Android device will be able to drive my car someday? LOL! I havent even scratched the surface with apps yet and I love that there seem to be a lot of them and they are free or very affordable!

    A con about the AHD though is the camera of course. I was hoping the camera wasn't as bad as the reviews but it is, so let's get that out of the way, nothing new. My wife told me to take it back after seeing the pics of our pets b/c they came out looking that bad, very grainy, bad. Seriously, Moto? This is the camera you tested and went with for this phone or was it AT&T? ERRRR! I'm not a huge camera person so it doesn't bother me that much but we'll see. But the things that are bothering me are simple things that I hope can be fixed in the settings or 3rd party apps, so I was hoping someone can help me. So here they are...

    1. Searching Contacts. Simple enough but Android searches everything including contact notes - which I like except it brings up A LOT more contacts I have to scroll through. For example, I type a few letters (i.e., don) to find a contact for Donna and 137 contacts come up! I don't want to scroll through hundreds of contacts to find them quickly, otherwise the search option wouldnt be needed. So is there a way to filter the search within People/Contacts? BlackBerry and I think iOS both search the Contact Name field and Company Name field, so there aren't hundreds of contacts to scroll through, maybe just a few. Man this is a bigger pain than it needs to be and I'm hoping there is a setting to filter out notes. I'm concerned there isn't b/c I've looked and found nothing. The speech to text isnt a good option as this isnt accurate at all.

    2. I know I can copy text from emails, etc. using a long press but if I want to copy a word from Contact Notes, it copies the entire notes field. So I have to edit the contact, scroll down again to notes and then long press a word and it will let me select what I want to copy using the split bars. Is this the way to do it or am I missing a step? Same with text messages, I cant copy just a word but I have to copy the entire message as it copies the entire field as one box (if that makes any sense). So it treats contact notes and text messages as a whole, rather than being able to select certain info within the whole field or box.

    3. I use pdf files a lot and I need to copy and paste info from the pdf file into emails, texts, etc. but I cant do this with the native pdf viewer. Otherwise, this works really well btw! I like I can search within a pdf and jump to a page of larger pdf files very, very easily! I have DocsToGo that I was using on BlackBerry and it allowed me to select anything on the pdf file and then copy and paste it but the free version of DocsToGo doesnt have pdf viewer, so I dont want to buy it and find out this doesnt work the same on Android. I also downloaded OfficeSuite Professional 6 which didnt allow me to select and copy text in a pdf file. It also didnt have as many features as the native pdf viewer.

    Oh yeah, one more thing, is there a way to pinch to zoom the emails so you can see the full email? So thats all Ive got for now but I know Ill have more questions as I play around with even more. I love using a new phone b/c Im excited to get calls and text messages again since its a new experience! Lol! I know, that sounds dumb, right?
    10-08-2012 03:14 PM
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    I ended up returning the Atrix HD to Costco this past Monday. I think I can like the Android OS...maybe...but the camera on this phone wasn't up to par. The camera ended up bugging me more than I thought it would. Not being confident taking a pic and wondering if it looked decent...which most of the time, it didn't.

    The email situation wasn't the best from what I'm used to on my BlackBerry. I had another post about the formatting being lost and I really didn't like having to scroll down to the last email I read to find the place I left off at everytime I check my email and I get a lot of emails in a day, so this was kind of a pain. I heard from an AT&T rep that there are some revisions Google is making to Gmail due out in 2 weeks. Another thing that was odd was I couldn't pinch to zoom any Gmails, but I could all other emails.

    Another thing that was very annoying was searching for a contact. I have a lot of contacts and almost all have notes for business and when Android searches for a contact, it querries Contact Notes with the Name field. So I get 100's of results when I type in a few letters, not 3-5 like I do on my BlackBerry. There is apparently no way of changing the setting for this. I played around with an iPhone 5 and it was just the BlackBerry which I liked. Seems to be an easy fix and would like to know if JellyBean fixes it.

    So maybe I'll be back at it with Android...just not the Atrix HD.
    10-19-2012 02:18 PM

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