1. brandonluty's Avatar
    just wanted to know if anyone else hears a high pitch noise in the background when playing back a video they just recorded? Ive talked to motorola and they cant figure out what could be wrong. Im on my 3rd Atrix HD and I noticed after i upgraded to Jellybean that the noise comes up in my videos but only when i record in HD. Anybody else have this problem?
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    01-30-2013 10:39 PM
  2. PissyMissy's Avatar
    I have the same problem.. Did you ever get any help??
    02-12-2013 09:37 PM
  3. brandonluty's Avatar
    No i didnt motorola couldnt figure out what was wrong either so they said i could send it in to them. Its a bummer for sure.
    02-14-2013 06:36 PM
  4. chooey921's Avatar
    I as well have this problem. Thought maybe it was because of it being a replacement through the insurance company.
    03-04-2013 01:01 AM
  5. Hobga's Avatar
    I have the same problem too, it also happens with any other recording app.
    06-11-2013 04:36 AM

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