1. MDPuckett84's Avatar
    Good Morning,
    I got my Atrix about 2 weeks ago and I'm having a bit of wifi issues with it. Battery is set to performance, Sleep policy is never but the connection either stops entirely or becomes very slow at random times (while my Galaxy Tab and Captivate have no problems in the same location). When the connection stops working it apparently stays connected just enough to prevent switching back to the cell network for data. So I stop receiving anything but text messages or phone calls until I notice and reset the wireless. I've also had instances where it won't find a network that my Tab has almost full signal strength on.

    One interesting thing I've noticed is that even when it appears to stay connected the IP address changes every 5-10 minutes. My other Android devices do not do this.

    I'm considering taking it back today to exchange it and can't decide on another Atrix or jumping ship to an Inspire (or less likely, an Infuse). I really like the Atrix over the other two, but wireless is kind of a big deal (MotoBlur bothers me too). Really though, for my usage any of them would work fine.

    Anyways, I'm wondering if others with wireless issues have had them fixed by doing a hardware swap or if there's any hope for a software fix? For those that did the hardware swap, how difficult was it? I'm going over my lunch break and don't really want to go through a long tech support routine or run-around. But, I also don't want to have to go through 2-3 more Atrixs to get to one that works either.

    07-05-2011 07:19 AM
  2. attweco's Avatar
    Regardless of whether you scope out a solution to the WiFi issue, or not, as long as you are still in your buyer's remorse 30 day period, it's not much of a hassle to make an exchange at your dealer. Myself, I wouldn't waste my time trying to resolve a known potential defect, when I can just get a fresh Atrix!

    BTW, if you don't like MotoBlur, an alternative Launcher, such as LauncherPro(and others) will make that particular un-happiness pretty much go away.
    07-05-2011 11:48 AM
  3. blown65's Avatar
    Mine did the same thing on wifi and got sick of it. Ended up getting an app called Zakus Wifi Profiles and you manually put in your static IP information. Doesn't help if you need dynamic IP but for me I just need it for work and home and fixed the dropping of the wifi.

    I did the replacement of the phone and ended up with a second one that did the same exact thing.
    07-07-2011 05:47 PM
  4. dictoresno's Avatar
    i notice my Atrix's wifi either cant find or has a weak wifi signal at work. it keeps losing it or wont even connect at all. my blackberry and laptop both hold the signal. granted it is weak, but they do hold it. is wifi a problem with these? at home it holds my wifi signal no problems.
    07-09-2011 09:34 PM
  5. smalltank's Avatar
    me n my wife got out of att 5 months b4 our contract..we even upgraded but had everything reverted back when we got our Atrix's..I called Motorola with our issue for 1 hour..NO wifi would be detected AT ALL even after hard resetting..their verdict..Motorola Atrix's and possibly other phones they make get VERY picky based on what THEY want to detect..point was..the wifi was the issue..nothing to do about it other than return..hardware issue on their wifi and our uverse box...everyphone has worked since those filed a few months ago..I read about the SAME issues on other forums when doing some research..wifi was needed due to large files needed to be downloaded..nothing was ever downloaded due to no wifi ever working at home...now on vzw lg revo's 2 of em..happy as a clam
    07-09-2011 09:38 PM
  6. Funkpod's Avatar
    hello, did you ever find a solution for this? i have a similar problem with my INcredible 1. also, my laptops don't drop their wifi, only my Incredible.
    08-04-2011 06:26 AM