1. Nophix's Avatar
    I'm up for an upgrade, and I want to jump back into a decent Android device. We already have an Inspire, so I'm thinking of other options.

    Right now, I'm looking at the Atrix as my top choice, followed by the LG Thrill, and the Nexus S.

    I had bad luck with Samsung (Captivate). That, and no Sd card support make me hesitate on the Nexus. I'm not real familiar with LG, and 3D is still very new, so I'm also hesitant on the Thrill.

    I'd like to think as advanced as the Atrix is, it'll continue to get supported for quite some time. Motorola has seemed to always do me well prior.

    Any advice? I'm getting very bored with my iPhone and it's lack of customization.
    07-26-2011 10:37 PM
  2. KSoD's Avatar
    I have had the Atrix since February and I love it. Having come from a Captivate and going to the Atrix I found that MotoBlur was a big nuisance. But now with Gingerbread, that is no more.

    I have found no issues with my device and it has served me well. I loved the Captivate, to the point it is now in use with my wife, and I still mess with it from time to time. But given that this was one of the first Dual Core phones out there I think it has done better than most.

    Yes the device has quirks, but what device doesnt? You will see that many people have issues with various things. The best piece of advice that I can give, go to an AT&T store where they have a live demo unit. Try it out. See if it works for you. If not then maybe wait till August when the Galaxy II will be available. Since that is an upgrade version of the Captivate.

    I know that my AT&T rep saw and used my Atrix and next time I saw him, he had one as well he loved it so much. If the device does what you want and how you want, that is all that matters. I prefer it over any other Android device I have used personally.
    07-26-2011 11:01 PM
  3. mrakifa's Avatar
    Very well said...being an att employee, I absolutely love my atrix...and now with GB its even better...get it you wont be sorry
    07-26-2011 11:36 PM
  4. attweco's Avatar
    I'm up for an upgrade....

    Any advice?....
    I would strongly recommend that you wait just a bit longer to check out the Galaxy S II "Attain" for ATT, before you commit to the Atrix. This phone has received rave reviews.
    07-27-2011 01:06 AM
  5. Dude2's Avatar
    Upgraded to the Atrix for $29 from Let'sTalk/Walmart at the beginning of July and it has been fantastic and unbelievably fast. Here are a couple of things I have bought to make it even better.

    - Bought the real Motorola Battery for $45.( I have bought the cheap knock off batteries from eBay before, but chickened out this time. I have had good luck with Mugen or Lion, in the past but they were same price as Motorola. Bought the wall charger from Naked Cell Phone on eBay. Both have worked flawlessly so far. So phone with battery was $29, second battery was $45, go figure.)

    -Using “Battery Monitor Widget/ Pro” from Android Market; Free/$5.73. It has some of the best if not the best battery monitoring features anywhere. Shows 1% increments for battery usage and battery time available.

    - Bought the full wrap for the Atrix from Best Skin Ever, $8.99. This the first time I have ever used their products and it is unbelievable how well it fits and adheres to the screen and casing. You apply it with soapy water so you float the skin sections into place. I thought the water would be hazardous to the Atrix, but it was no problem, the soapy water evaporates (the skin is gas permeable) and the skin just seems to cure to the body and screen of the phone. Have no idea how they do this.

    - Also bought Spb Shell 3D for $14.95. A little pricey, but again this is an unbelievable product. It has a 3D acceleration engine that actually makes the Atrix faster and with Android 2.3.4 it is even faster. Cannot recommend this UI highly enough. As of today they have had 9 updates since April, 2011.

    The Samsung looks like a good devise, but you will not regret getting the Atrix if that is what you go with.
    07-27-2011 11:02 AM
  6. Major's Avatar
    The Atrix has been getting regular updates, so it still feels "new". It is now available at a low price, but I think the Samsung Galaxy S II coming in the next month or two is worth looking into.

    That said, I am satisfied with my Atrix. It is a noticeable upgrade over the Samsung Captivate I had before.
    07-27-2011 01:28 PM
  7. Nophix's Avatar
    My fear with Samsung still lies in their product support. They are still lacking compared to Moto.

    I may wait a couple more weeks to see what comes out. If something better comes, I'll buy retail or use an upgrade from one of the kids lines. They are a few years away of needing anything more than a flip.
    07-27-2011 05:32 PM
  8. jd914's Avatar
    Atrix + Gingerbread = Awesome

    I was on the fence before Gingerbread but I now absolutely love my Atrix.
    07-27-2011 06:13 PM
  9. vito55's Avatar
    I bought mine in June. I loved it then and now that GB came out I love it even more. What attracted me to it was the price...$100...half that of most other phones and the dual core processor. Most phones don't have a dual core processor so the Atrix should stay relevant for a long time.
    07-27-2011 07:04 PM
  10. KSoD's Avatar
    My fear with Samsung still lies in their product support. They are still lacking compared to Moto.

    I may wait a couple more weeks to see what comes out. If something better comes, I'll buy retail or use an upgrade from one of the kids lines. They are a few years away of needing anything more than a flip.
    While i can vouch for this, the fact is that the Galaxy II will come with Gingerbread. So really it is already going to start where the Atrix is just getting to now after being out for several months. So really the only updates to the software will be internal stuff that gets found after the device is released and not something major like a OS change.

    I can say that Moto has had great support as well. After having the Captivate since New Year's Eve and the Atrix since February, I have had more updates on my Atrix than the Captivate has had. The Atrix has had 3 updates with the last one taking it to Gingerbread. The Captivate still has to get updated to Gingerbread as it just got Froyo earlier this year and is on the list from AT&T to get updated before the year end.

    But the benefit of the Galaxy 2 is this. Camera. Atrix has 5MP while the SGII will have 8MP. So if you want to take lots of pics, that might be your phone. You have to weight what each phone offers and see if it falls into what you use it for. Dont rest your decision on how often they get updates. If that was the case no one would use Windows since Linux gets more updates.
    07-27-2011 07:13 PM
  11. Nophix's Avatar
    Not the frequency of updates, but the speed at which they release a patch to correct a problem. HTC and Moto seem to stay on top of any issues that do pop up, while I was left to root in an attempt to correct issues with Samsung. It seems Sammy may have learned a bit from the original GS, so it may no longer be an issue.

    I think I'll give it a shot, since this will be my primary device. It seems well flushed out, and the spec sheet will keep it fresh for a while. Worst case, I hate it and my wife uses it. I can buy another phone or use my iPhone4 again.

    Thanks for the guidance everyone. It really did help quite a bit.
    07-27-2011 07:36 PM
  12. KSoD's Avatar
    The speed at which it correct an issue isnt the greatest among any manufacturer over AT&T. There was problems with the 1.5 update on the Atrix as well as the 1.83 but they were left alone till the 4.5 or Gingerbread update came out. Even so all of the complaints i seen in the Soak test meant nothing.

    Every suggestion that was given to Moto didnt mean nothing cause two days later they pushed the software out OTA even thought us Soak Testers were finding bugs and giving feedback on what should be changed. Yet the world has the Gingerbread update now and those items are still there, waiting for the next update.

    So really you cant say Moto has to much of a better track record for patches. I have found that the Samsung devices are less buggy and require less patches to begin with. I did less to my Captivate than I did to my Atrix pre-Gingerbread. I still use things like GO Dialer and GO Contacts cause I dont like the Moto versions, but yet never did that with the Captivate.

    I do love my Atrix now. It was touch and go for a while and I was seriously considering jumping to the SGII when it came out. Now with Gingerbread, my mind has been put to ease and I am over the whole upgrade bug. It works and it has nice specs. Not much more can be said.
    07-27-2011 08:14 PM
  13. crisg723's Avatar
    The Atrix is definitely one of the best phones out, and probably the best phone on At&t in my opinion. The only other option I see is if you decide to wait for the Galaxy s2 like others are saying. Better camera and possibly a better screen on a thinner device. Either way you go, you'll have a great phone.
    07-27-2011 09:10 PM
  14. Kage_'s Avatar
    I'm up for an upgrade, and I want to jump back into a decent Android device. We already have an Inspire, so I'm thinking of other options.
    My first smart phone was an iPhone 2G, I then went to the Nexus 1, but had to give it up cause of hardware issues. I'm now using the Atrix that I've had for almost three months. I like the phone, it's a good combo of size, weight, and display size. I tried Moto blur, but after two hours I couldn't take it anymore. I switched to my paid verison of Launcher Pro, rooted my phone, and then froze all of the Moto stuff w/ TiBackup.

    I may sound cheese, but I do really like the fingerprint scanner. It makes it easy to unlock my phone while driving.

    Now that the root issues have settled out on 2.3.4 GB I'll be upgrading my phone.
    07-27-2011 10:17 PM