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    I want to first thank those who have answered my question in the past. I have a few more since the gingerbread update.

    a. I use stereo Bluetooth headphones at work and use beyond-pod for podcasts and amazon mp3 player for music. I had no issues with pressing the pause/play button on the headphones before the update. Now any time i press pause or play the default google music player will start playing a random song from what is on the phone. I have looked in the google music player and regular settings.

    Am I missing something to prevent this or is it just a bug? Any suggestions are appreciated.

    b. I did do a clean reset and load for gingerbread. I moved most of my apps to the sd card before hand and I have two that has been pulled from the google marketplace. Nesroid and super nesroid. I did not realize I still had to re-download all the apps again. The settings were saved on the card for other apps but I have no way to reload the banned apps. Is there a way to get them back without rooting? I have several game saves and would prefer not to buy another version. I do not want to root until the atrix is 100 percent unlocked.

    Again, any suggestions are appreciated.

    c. Not a question, but an observation. after the clean load of gingerbread, my phone seems more sluggish and battery life is noticeable worse. I am going to try to do the drain the recharge the battery all weekend.
    07-29-2011 05:12 PM