1. ntamadb's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    I've had the atrix for only a few days and I'm totally new to Android. So, please bear with me if this seem like a stupid question. I downloaded some benchmark and system info apps, they all show my phone's total RAM is 816 MB. Isn't the Atrix supposed to have 1GB? Please elaborate on where the rest went? Thanks!
    09-16-2011 12:34 AM
  2. IceDree's Avatar
    The rest (208 MB) are reserved for the webtop mode/app
    The phone have access to the 816 MB of RAM to do whatever you want . Games, music, youtube, browsing ... etc. , but keeps the rest for the webtop mode when on stand by

    When you launch the Webtop mode, the Webtop start using the RAM, all of it if it have to

    But 816MB is allot of RAM, you can do whatever you want without the phone slowing down

    I usually play games while listening to music & do other things without quitting the game, I just hit the home button to do whatever I want (mostly things Web related) & then go back to the game without the ATRIX slowing down or heating up
    09-18-2011 07:16 PM