1. encelle11's Avatar
    Does any else have the problem with the new Android Market that some apps seems to want to update every day, even though you may have updated this app just the day before? There are some apps that seem to show up almost daily.....

    09-17-2011 02:16 PM
  2. mrakifa's Avatar
    Same here...don't know what the deal is...maybe a bug

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    09-17-2011 03:44 PM
  3. montanaxvi's Avatar
    Yup same thing here, sometimes I even get updates for as many as 10 apps 2, 3, 4, days in a row.

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    09-18-2011 01:20 PM
  4. chandler48's Avatar
    I was having the same problem. Got some really good help on the Motorola forum site. You won't get it here, sorry. Update Market. You should be running 3.1.3. If less, then you won't have the option of blocking the updates. Click on Menu-Market-Menu-settings-scroll to bottom and see what version you have. After you update it, you will have the option on that same page at the top to uncheck whether you want automatic updates.
    09-20-2011 06:09 AM
  5. sk8trix's Avatar
    uninstall the app and reinstall. clear your dalvik cache might help
    09-20-2011 06:40 PM
  6. montanaxvi's Avatar
    I did an uninstall of the market updates and reverted back to the original one. I then had the new market install itself within a number of minutes and all was well for about 2-3 days but now I am getting tons of updates again. Also now it will give me invalid package errors when trying to install the updates.

    To the poster above who said that the market should be version 3.1.x mine is 3.0.27 and there is no way that I am seeing to do the steps you indicated to update it to anything higher.

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    09-22-2011 03:04 AM
  7. montanaxvi's Avatar
    Interesting. I just looked at the version number of the market and it is now 3.1.5 I believe that Google is updating the market which is in turn causing the problem with the apps thinking they need updated. My market was just version 3.0.27 2 days ago and is now updated right when I start seeing all the update issues again.

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    09-22-2011 03:11 AM
  8. encelle11's Avatar
    Thanks for all the comments. I emailed Google Market help, they told me to revert back to old one, clear cache first, etc....automatic reinstall. Did not solve the problem..I guess we just need to live with it until they figure this one out.
    09-22-2011 10:44 AM
  9. rxkiller#AC's Avatar
    This was really bugging me to, but i was able to notice that after you have an actual update of your app or apps, reboot the device. Since ive been doing this, i havent seen one "phantom" app update notification. I hope this helps...
    09-29-2011 06:58 PM
  10. robkort's Avatar
    Normally just clearing the cache and data will solve this issue. No need to unistall-install.

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    10-01-2011 07:13 PM
  11. Jonneh's Avatar
    I have this issue all of the time. I really dislike the "new' market. But when I uninstall it to get the old one, it updates itself almost immediately. So I've been putting up with it. Lately, though, any apps I update say they want another update (which is the same exact update) hours, sometimes minutes later. Really irritating...hoping Google gets this figured out, it's been about a month.
    10-03-2011 09:51 AM
  12. SteveMW's Avatar
    What bothers me the most is the appliation listed as an update but when you click on it the only options are to Open or Uninstall.

    Oh wait, another issue is not having any apps needing updates but while scrolling thru available apps you see your app status is Update instead of Installed.
    10-03-2011 01:25 PM
  13. montanaxvi's Avatar
    I just got on the market and seen that 10 apps needed updated and when I started updating about half of them failed install and said package invalid.

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    10-03-2011 06:12 PM
  14. robkort's Avatar
    Like a said before, just clear the cache and the data it helps. The app still has its bugs though.

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    10-04-2011 04:05 AM

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