1. atrixzz's Avatar
    does anyone know where the icons for the homescreens are, as in what dir?
    i just had two icons one looks alot like the playstore, but it says its slotomania. hit the icon and it tries to take me to a website "iconadserve"
    which is like blank when i used my desktop to view it. the other is another slotomania which does the same thing.
    i guess they are working like a link. using the browser to go to this website. when i froze the browser the links tried using firefox.
    I did not put these icons/links on my phone and im kinda concerned its malware. but i cannot find any applications that i connect with the icons
    anybody seen this before? id like to have a closer look at these things but dont know where they are on my phone
    little help please

    Thank you
    10-08-2012 11:00 AM

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