1. StormTrooper626's Avatar
    Any impressions on the music player that comes preinstalled on the atrix? A couple of weeks ago a new motorola connected music player was leaked, and I was wondering if it came on the atrix. From the leaked apk, it seems to be a great music player. I was just wondering, because I have a galaxy s now, and it has an AWFUL music player.
    02-22-2011 05:32 AM
  2. IceDree's Avatar
    I think it comes with the Atrix just like the Cliq2 & the MileStone 2
    its really cool , I've tried it in my Milestone 1 , but I uninstalled it due to the lack of space
    02-22-2011 10:45 AM
  3. aggie's Avatar
    It's just ok imo. I use PowerAmp.
    02-22-2011 10:53 AM
  4. dwd3885's Avatar
    I actually like the Galaxy S music player. The one on the Atrix is stock I'm pretty sure. I use Doubletwist though anyway.
    02-22-2011 12:02 PM
  5. jess.hickey's Avatar
    Shouldn't doubletwist recognize the music on my external SD? I don't remember having to connect it to my computer to get the music to show up in doubletwist with my N1. The stock player recognizes all my files just fine.
    02-22-2011 01:36 PM
  6. Krak-a-Lakn's Avatar
    It's just ok imo. I use PowerAmp.
    Yeah, I'm a fan of PowerAmp also. But this stock music player is definitely better that the stock one on the N1.
    02-22-2011 01:43 PM