1. Shad0w26's Avatar
    So I just exchanged my Inspire 4G for the Atrix. The guy at RadioShack told me if I didn't like the Atrix, I could switch back to the Inspire 4G with no problem.

    Anyway.. on the ride home, there are a few things I already don't like..

    One is the screen. The colors are really off and it looks weird. I know that it comes with 'qHD' display and super high resolution, but the Inspire 4G screen looked so much better than the Atrix. The screen kind of looks dioxalate, not really but that's the closest I could come to describing it. Like if you look really close, you can see like dots on the screens and stuff. Also, the Inspire 4G was a bigger screen, and lower resolution, yet it didn't have any of this problems.

    Another thing I don't like is the keyboard (MotorBlur). It's really hard to type really fast on it. On the Inspire 4G, I could type fast on it with no problem. Maybe because it was a bigger screen, I don't know.

    The last thing is MotorBlur. I already hate it. It's so bland looking.
    02-24-2011 10:13 PM
  2. Terrigno's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about that. Sounds like a bad first impression. Let me help you out here. Make these changes. Download either ADW Launcher or LauncherPro from the market, there free. Either one will replace Motoblur and you can customize it the way you like it, plus its a lot quicker. That will also make the screen look better as everything will look bigger. And the keyboard? There are different keyboards to use in the market. Especially SmartKeyboard Pro which has an HTC Skin that will look and act like that HTC keyboard. IF you still dont like all of that, get your Inspire back. Goin to an Inspire from the Atrix is like going from the Bold 9650 to the Tour 9630. Youll lose the speed.
    02-24-2011 10:26 PM
  3. Krak-a-Lakn's Avatar
    Don't forget that the Atrix also ships with the Swype keyboard. This method has a bit of a learning curve, but it's a fantastic way to enter text.
    As far as the dots on your screen - maybe you have some dead/hot pixels?
    02-24-2011 10:42 PM
  4. Shad0w26's Avatar
    Don't forget that the Atrix also ships with the Swype keyboard. This method has a bit of a learning curve, but it's a fantastic way to enter text.
    As far as the dots on your screen - maybe you have some dead/hot pixels?
    No, I Googled search really quick and the reason why the Atrix screen is this way is because of Pen Tile LCD. The Motorola Atrix 4G Preview - AnandTech :: Your Source for Hardware Analysis and News

    Exactly what I was talking about. Why in the world did Motorola do that!!
    02-24-2011 10:44 PM
  5. coreymcl's Avatar
    I had to turn the brightness up a bit and that to me made a difference in the screen so you might try it.
    02-24-2011 10:47 PM
  6. ECghostie's Avatar
    I'm assuming Motorola really had their eyes set on the future with the Atrix. I don't think 2.2 Froyo is what they had in mind for the production of this phone. I think the OS has a lot to do with the display. With that being said, I'll definitely be getting my hands on an Atrix for Gingerbread's sake. I'll even be optimistic and go as far as praising Honeycomb to come out in the near future.
    02-24-2011 11:19 PM
  7. awtryau89's Avatar
    I did not like the Atrix either. I had the Inspire and returned it. I wish I hadn't now in a way. Even so the Inspire was not my end all phone. Battery life was too much of a problem even though the Atrix wasn't much better for the few days I had it. Something just isn't right with the Atrix screen. It may be the new resolution is not playing well with Android. Also the screen width isn't any wider than my iPhone 4 so typing is not as easy. The Captivate and Inspire both had wider screens that made things easier.

    Kind of glad I dropped back to punt on both phones. Think I will wait for the Nexus S on AT&T or maybe the new Samsung coming soon.
    02-24-2011 11:38 PM
  8. Jonneh's Avatar
    Yeah but the problem with Samsung is you'll never have fully, 100% all the time working GPS, if you even have working GPS at all, and they will never give you updates...or they will, 8 million years later. :\

    The benefit of Samsung is delicious Super AMOLED screens.
    02-24-2011 11:41 PM
  9. Garz's Avatar
    I agree with the screen. Seems very pixelated and Ive seen others say the same thing
    02-25-2011 01:36 AM
  10. Terrigno's Avatar
    I really dont know what your comparing this phone to. I just dont see the screen being bad at all. And I owned the Captivate which had the best screen with the super amoled display. I went from the Dell Streak to this Atrix and even though its a lot smaller, its still not bad at all.
    02-25-2011 10:15 AM
  11. stonefeet's Avatar
    i think a gingerbread update will set this phone off, hopefully motorola won't take too long.
    02-25-2011 10:23 AM
  12. jhamilton3#CB's Avatar
    I didn't enjoy the screen until I turned up the brightness.. Now I don't mind it at all.
    02-25-2011 10:43 AM
  13. brdl04's Avatar
    I think you will see the atrix fly when you can get motoblur off, completely. Not the legendary ADW and Launcher Pro mask.

    It will be a great phone, with updates.
    02-25-2011 10:44 AM
  14. Shad0w26's Avatar
    Ok so this morning I spent a few hours customizing my Atrix. I got LauncherPro Plus with Gingerbread custom dock and icons, Beautiful Widgets, and Smartkeyboard Pro.

    I'm liking the phone more now. But oh my god, MotorBlur sucks ***.

    The only complaints I have now is the color quality of the screen, the PenTile LCD, and the poor quality of the camera.

    I really hope the bootloader can be cracked soon :/
    02-25-2011 01:36 PM