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    So I'm trying to use my Atrix for DLNA and I'm running into a couple issues. Seems to be first off, it shows up on my Logitech Revue but no Media is shown at all. My PS3 doesn't even detect the device, and my PC detects it as a Storage Device but cannot browse it.

    Not sure if anyone else is experiencing the same thing or if it's just me but I'm curious if someone else can test this and we can deduce if it's a issue with the software or if I just may have a defective device.

    One other interesting thing I have noticed is that ever since I placed movies on my internal storage (haven't tried my SD card yet) randomly the movie audio will play and only stops when I pull down my notification bar. Typically happens after my phone makes a notification sound.
    02-26-2011 08:42 AM