1. jdoom2011's Avatar
    I have had 4 BB's and when my 9700 screen died I made the decision to dump BB forever. I am sick of their poor build quality, each BB I had was a replacement because the original died.

    I am using a loaner iphone 3G and besides the fact it is really slow I am sold on the touch screen and the interface. I have looked at the atrix and iphone 4 and am on the fence. I do use a mac at home and sync'ing with iphone is a snap. What can I expect with syncing an atrix? I am looking for an easy fix and not a 5 step process every time I want to sync.

    It seems that many are jumping to atrix from iphone so any other comments/suggestions would be appreciated.
    03-30-2011 11:55 AM
  2. cajuncartfan's Avatar
    You can use Motorola Media Sync for Mac available to download from the Motorola website. It works fine for me and taps into iTunes.
    03-30-2011 01:33 PM