1. BryanS's Avatar
    I have a bit of a rant.... I'd previously used an Evo and liked how the contact list would let me link Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr contacts to their Google contact and create a single contact with all their info and feed data in a single point. I liked how I could control the displayed name and photo.

    On the Atrix, I'm experiencing that if I link FB and Google I have no control over which version of their display name or which photo I see. It seems like it sometimes varies depending on whether I link the FB contact to the Google contact or vice versa. The really frustrating part is how it will display someone's Twitter name instead of the Google name because none of them make sense.

    I figure that as long as I'm using MotoBlur instead of Sense, that I am stuck with this behavior. I'm really tempted to switch back to an HTC device, plus the fact that I have ROM options on many HTC devices is appealing.... What are the chances that ROMs that may become available for the Atrix will eventually give me better contact linking behavior?
    04-01-2011 11:38 PM