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    I have already provided my review of this phone. This post is a follow-up of sorts... After 10 days of owning the Atrix, here's more opinions about the device, it's performance, the apps I'm using and customizations I've brought to it. Please remember that this is a subjective matter...

    Geolocation data has been doctored using Windows' "Paint"


    I've gotten 26 hours on a charge with very moderate use, so battery is settling in, and my stiff surveillance of what's running, and careful shutting down of useless processes once I'm done with the app actually pays off. It's on it's 5th charge. I'm hoping for another marginal longevity increase.

    Apps & theme

    As a well informed reader, I went into the privacy minefield that Android is known to be, with wide open eyes. Half worried, half reassured. Android Market does list what apps require, so I can avoid stuff which requires to "Read sensitive log data"; it is a vague statement, and that worries me. There's an app out there linked to the GPS that is so bold as to require you grant access to your personal calendar! Others want to track your phone's state and call logs... Prudence seems to be a requirement if one values privacy. I believe that if one is careful, one can retain a certain level of privacy, even if Google is behind the OS, so one is obviously open to certain degree of scrutiny from various unknown 3rd parties.

    This said, free apps that do not require what I consider unreasonable access are available, and some are quite excellent, as far as my needs are concerned. Here's what I'm using:

    - Opera mini
    - Ulysse Gizmos
    - Epinephrine ( Free version removed from market ? )
    - AndRecorder Free

    So far, all of them are doing what they are meant to do with an excellent track record so far, and the requirements were quite minimal and acceptable to me at the moment of installation. No overly invasive permissions required.

    The rest is stock stuff. Google maps, stock music app, stock file manager, stock task manager, stock app manager, stock Wi-Fi Hotspot app and stock calculator. They work, and do so well beyond what I was expecting when I purchased my phone. I'm boring; I know, but it is what I need and use.

    As far as themes go, I'm also in the boring category. I'm function oriented, and a minimalist at that. I changed my wallpaper to an image of the boomerang nebula, taken off the Hubble telescope website, and that is it. The rest is plain vanilla. I only use one homescreen, and the rest are empty and useless.

    General performance

    Well, if some are having problems with the mic on this thing, I'm not. My contacts all tell me I'm coming in loud and clear. My tone of voice is near baritone, so perhaps this helps, but I think a lot of this might be due to phone placement while people talk into it....

    Call reception is fantastic in my city (Pop 3 000 000 incl suburbs). Data transfer rate is quite acceptable to me, but I'm a very moderate user, and have not uploaded anything to anyone yet, so my experience regarding phone bandwidth is limited.

    Sound quality
    Crisp and clear on calls. Can't complain, though I have yet to use it near a jackhammer or loud machinery, where the phone's "sound pudding" can be proven.

    Sound quality as a personal stereo device
    Not really quite as powerful as I would like it to be, the Atrix, using the stock music player renders my WAV files with amazing accuracy. The sound stage is decent on all 3 of my earphone sets, and most enjoyable using my Seinnheiser headset. This is, of course, not an Arcam or Rotel amplifier, but a multi-purpose phone, so I am making a concession if using it, but it beats many personal stereo devices on fidelity, and I will even add "hands down". Hard, bass-beating, rap and pop music fans may find it has too flat a sound, and that it is not powerful (read "loud") enough, but to this classical and Jazz lover, it sounds quite wonderful. When reading WAV files, A Clarinet actually sounds like one, and a Viola doesn't sound like a Cello. High piano notes do not become screechy, so I'm a very happy camper. It also works marvelously in the car radio's auxiliary port. I haven't had to switch CDs since I got the phone, and that is also a fantastic plus.

    Lack of native AC3 and FLAC support are it's main drawbacks. Lack of AC3 and DTS passtrough on HDMI is it's second main drawback. This would've made this phone the ultimate personal data device we've all been dreaming of.
    Still, It's not too shabby, and considering it's one of the few and first devices sporting an HDMI port, things can only get more interesting. A VLC port to Android would solve all this. I'll light a candle... It just may happen.

    General feel

    I'm coming from a Motorola flip-phone, so the boxy shape took getting used to. It now feels more normal, but it is not yet "natural" for me to hold this thing. This is good news, though. I am adapting to it much faster than I thought I would, so it should be "a natural" within another week or two.


    So far, the Atrix is the best of jack-of-all-trades device I've ever had. It's not perfect, but close enough.
    04-12-2011 02:45 AM
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    Thanks for the review. I came from a iPhone 4 and so far am very glad that I made the switch.
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    04-12-2011 12:51 PM
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    Thank you for sharing your review. It was well detailed and nicely thought up. Also to the individual that switched from Apple. Welcome aboard!
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    04-12-2011 01:01 PM