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    First off, this is NOT a post about using the phone AS A WAP, it is about the phone (not) connecting TO a WAP....

    Secondly, this is likely an Android problem, but alas, I've seen no non-phone-specific "Android" board here ever, so I'm left to ask here, since this IS about an Atrix device....

    Setup: I have TWO WLAN devices, one of which is a WLAN router, and another of which is set to - and operates as - a WAP ALONE. I.e. It is an Access Point, and does nothing else. The WAP is hard-wired to the WLAN router. (Why? Because of coverage area, that's why!)

    Every wireless device that I, or visitors, use works fine when in range of either one. Note that means that when in-range of the WAP, that means the device is getting assigned its connection settings FROM THE WLAN, across the wired LAN. (This is as it all SHOULD be so far....) This setup has been working flawlessly (knock, knock!) allowing wireless users movement between the two zones for four+ years now.

    Problem: My phone won't operate from the WAP zone. (It works fine in the WLAN zone....)

    Symptoms: The phone connects to the network, and finds the WAP, but then it tries over and over again to obtain it's IP via DHCP from the WLAN (across the LAN) without success.

    My current thinking is that the code for making the connection is 'creeped out' about getting its DHCP-assigned setup from a device with an IP THAT IS DIFFERENT THAN THE ONE TO WHICH IT CONNECTED. (Either that or its an implementation error in the WiFi code/support....) Further thought makes me wonder if this hasn't been done deliberately soas to prevent 1) certain tethering situations (which I am NOT doing, BTW) or 2) WAP "spoofing," which might be a legitimate security issue.

    The thing that is driving me crazy, tho, is that this phone is the only wireless device that's ever had this problem.

    On the other hand, I think it might be the first time the WAP zone has ever "seen" an Android or phone device.... (I have to contact a person who was here some time back with their iPhone that MIGHT have been in the WAP zone with it and find out if they ever tried to use it there....)

    Oh yeah, did I mention that my office is in the WAP zone?!?

    > Help?! <

    FYI: I am currently hunting down other WiFi-capable phone devices to test with to start narrowing down the cause....

    P.S. Yes, I have tried removing ALL security/SSID hiding, etc. to no avail. Keep in mind that it says that it's trying to get the IP address in its status area....
    05-10-2011 06:42 PM
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    Sorry to reply to my own question, but I wanted it to stand apart from the initial (problem) post....

    Anyway, after A LOT of digging, I finally found this Android defect report which is exactly about this specific problem.

    Short history: The flaw seems to have been introduced in the 2.2 update. (If you are still on 2.1 it will work for you. Oh and you CANNOT "roll back" to 2.1 from 2.2 either.... ) Most are reporting it as a problem with Belkin routers, specifically the Belkin F5D8231-4 v2 - which is EXACTLY the model router with which I'm having this problem.

    So, this means that it's a pretty specific, therefore fairly rare problem, which therefore also likely means that it won't get fixed "anytime soon...." (I have other routers that I'm going to try to get working, however, so I may yet be able to get WiFi connectivity in my office! <hopes> )

    For additional experiential information, other links to discussions about this problem are listed in the first comment within the Defect Report. [link preceeding]
    05-19-2011 04:52 PM

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