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    I am NEW to AndroidCentral and glad to know this site is available for us!

    I personally own a HTC Inspire and really LIKE the phone, the only thing I would like on my phone is FRONT facing camera for video chats.

    I came to FORUM is to find answers for a problem with my GRANDDAUGHTER'S Samsung S Captivate (SGH -1897).

    The phone was purchased from someone and had functioned great until this week. It is in Recovery MODE and the starting screen says FIREFLY. It keeps popping up, so this tells me that this phone has been unlocked and "rooted so it could be used on any carrier."

    This phone was bought from was a phone techy person, but now has "changed" his phone number. There is NO way to get in touch with him.

    The screen says, "clockworkMod Recovery V2.5.1.0 SpeedMod ULFK."

    My options / choices are:
    1. reboot system now, which I tried several times and it does NOT work!
    It gives the FIREFLY screen for hours or until I take the battery out and hold the two buttons (one each side), which takes me back to choices.

    2. apply sdcard:update.zip; I have NOT tried because I don't know what is on sdcard and I am NOT sure what it will do to the phone.

    3. wipe data / factory reset; I have NOT tried because I was NOT sure what it will do to phone.
    I did similar with an IPHONE and it NEVER recovered from procedure (long story).

    4. wipe cache partition; I have NOT tried because I was NOT sure what it will do to the phone.

    5. install zip from sdcard; I have NOT tried because I do not know what is stored on sd card and NOT sure what it will do.

    6. backup and restore; I have TRIED and backed up, but it DID NOT Restore phone. At least 4 times! Keeps showing FIREFLY, until I get back to the Choices screen by pressing both buttons on phone.

    7. mounts and storage; I have NOT tried. I don't know what it means.

    8. advanced ClockWorkMod features; I looked into but did not know what to do once I was in this setting area. Nothing there that seems it would help.

    9. advanced SpedMod ULK features; I looked into but did not know what to do once I was in this setting area. More Choices, without meaning to me. I am NOT sure what to do in this advance setting area.

    I need to KEEP this rooting since it is what was on her phone and she uses a PRE-PAID phone plan that allows unlimited services (EX: PrePaid T-Mobile called Simple Mobile).

    Any HELP would be greatly appreciated.
    Please KEEP directions simple, I know a little about computers and phones, but I need simple directions.
    I am the person that like LANDMARKS when I have driving directions somewhere, so give me what to expect or see as I use the process. Thanks!

    My GRANDDAUGHTER is missing her Android phone a lot, so I need to FIX and get it back to her ASAP.
    Thank You
    02-16-2012 08:24 AM
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    I'd help ya if i could, but I'm not sure. If you don't get any help here, try posting in the xda forums, they're allot busier.

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    02-17-2012 08:16 AM
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    02-19-2012 09:36 AM