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    ok, today i rooted my phone using odin 1 click. then installed Stock I897UCKH3 with boog_kh3_kernel3, NO Bootloaders again using odin 1 click. Everything was very successful, however when my phone is on the cusp of loading everything( i get all the way to where i see the slide mirror screen) my phone kind of freezes, and then reboots, starts over again, and does this repeatedly until i remove the battery. I have tried entering recovery mode and it works showing the cwm boot screen. I'm a little scared to do anything but reboot the phone from here.( might make things worse)(here being the cwm recovery screen)

    I need to know:
    A) is my phone bricked? soft bricked what have you..
    B) is this a boot loop problem?
    C) if it is one of these two issues where would you go from here.

    My thoughts are that the odin 1 click just didn't install correctly.. and that i should just attempt it again..
    it did flash green and say passed. Its as if it wants to work really badly, it just cant seem to get over the proverbial hump..

    please find it in your soul to help me. i dont mind reading as much as i have to. would even be satisfied with a point in the right direction.
    02-23-2012 01:32 AM