1. farbster's Avatar
    My wife's Captivate has turned to real crud. It's 2.3.5, baseband version i897uckk4, kernel 2.635.7-i897uckk4-cl614489, build Gingerbread.uckk4.

    I thought I had it rooted and I do see the superuser icon.

    I have ROM Mgr and CWM

    The phone will turn off randomly, freeze with a green stripe at the top.

    I went to ROM Mgr and rebooted into recovery. I had in mind to try a different rom and hoped that would help with some of the problems.

    The following is what happened when I rebooted into recovery:

    top of the screen says "Android system recovery <3a>

    Samsung Recovery Utils - for BML-

    Then in the middle of the screen is the android dude with a white triangle and yellow exclamation point inside it.

    It starts to say installing package...then finding update package...then opening update package...then verifying update package...THEN IN RED "E:failed to verify whole-file signagure" and then the next line in RED "E:signature verification failed".

    Then in yellow it says intallation aborted.

    (My Verizon Gal. Nexus boots right into recovery and shows CWM Rev. at the top with the various options.

    Before I go forward, it seems that CWM is not properly installed?

    What can I do to at least make sure I can make a backup of the ROM?

    After that, is there anything that can fix these problems? I sorta have my wife convinced that she should wait until this summer and that the Galaxy 3 is coming out then...

    Any thoughts? Thanks!!
    04-11-2012 04:12 PM
  2. falcon7204's Avatar
    So it's a Captivate SGH-I897? I had read that the CWM version in the Market was incompatible with Gingerbread. I flashed the Corn kernel with CWM and have had no problems with backup or recovery. That may be the one thing that keeps me from going back to Froyo, because otherwise Gingerbread has been a disappointment.

    You might look up the stock GB ROM with the Corn kernel and CWM and see if that doesn't alleviate some of your problems. I'd post the link but I'm posting from my Cappy.
    04-16-2012 08:23 AM