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    So I recently picked up a cappy (SGH-i897) as a backup device.
    Quickly realized it takes a normal sized sim instead of the one I've got in my GS3 (also ATT), so I have sim adapters coming.

    I rooted using the corn kernal and clockwork recovery. SU is installed
    Then I moved on to a different ROM -
    First I wiped everything - cache, dalvik cache, full factory wipe, batt stats -
    I flashed CM10 and the corresponding GApps from goo.im
    No Play Store no Google anything I"m used to seeing on my GS3 with cm and gapps flashed-
    So I wanted 10.1 anyway and I thought there was a possibility something went wrong with gapps -
    I flashed cm 10.1 and the matching gapps again
    Again still no play store - even if i manually install the play store (dl the .apk and install on the phone) it loads up and crashes instantly
    Tried clearing the app's cache and clearing the app;s data - it just does the same thing - it pops up on the screen for a sec and dies

    So my big ? is - Is this problem linked to me not having a sim card in the phone? Will the play store only work if you have one?
    Any help is appreciated...

    edit - problem solved
    the folk on xda ponited me to the fact that the order you flash thing is makes a difference -
    i was flashing gapps first - you have to flash your rom first and gapps last in order for things to work correctly
    just wanted to post up in case anyone else read this and wondered....
    02-06-2013 01:52 AM

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