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    Hi, I'm the new guy.

    OK, so I'm feeling kinda dumb... I just got my Captivate today and am wanting to backup its current ROM before I really start screwing around with it. Just like in the Everything you need to know thread, I got the Update.zip into / connected a few different ways ... for a while, I had it in /sd but then put it back in /

    I power it off ... wait ... then to power on, I hold all three keys. Nothing I do about when I release them gets the phone to do anything other than boot up normally. I'm downloading the android sdk now...

    I guess some folks on the videos aren't kidding when they said jailbreaking the ipown is easier. I am so excited about the Captivate ... I already love it more than my ipown.

    10-17-2010 05:12 AM
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    10-17-2010 05:37 AM
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    You still should figure out how to get the hardware 3 button recovery mode to work in case sh** happens. Some say they get the functionality from the OTA update. others say they are never able to get it working. I gave my phone back during the initial 30 days and made sure the phone in the store they were going to give me as a replacement could do the hardware recovery mode.
    10-27-2010 06:43 PM
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    Can anybody help me out. Every time I try to access recovery mode on my lg optimus v a black screen just pops out and i remove the battery and try to connect my phone to the computer after but it doesn't detect my phone at all
    10-03-2011 04:57 AM