1. vailjo91#WP's Avatar
    I rooted my phone recently and have tried to do a software update and everytime I try it says can not connect to network anyone have any clue why it would be doing this?
    11-17-2010 02:23 PM
  2. myk26's Avatar
    I'm ignorant when it comes down to details....but I'm pretty sure that an update must be performed on a non-rooted phone.

    ....which is the only reason I havn't rooted.

    Lots of guides out there about how to unroot.
    11-17-2010 03:22 PM
  3. johnnyshinta's Avatar
    I have an unrooted phone and get the message unable to connect to att server
    11-17-2010 11:05 PM
  4. myk26's Avatar
    There's a few ways to unroot...some of those ways don't qualify in terms of connecting to server.

    I'd point you in the right direction....if I could. Search the forum long enough and you'll find what Im talking about.
    11-18-2010 08:25 AM
  5. loraque's Avatar
    If you are rooted, the update will fail anyway. Once you root, you probably are looking at waiting for the xda guys to repackage any update that ATT pushes into an Odin flash.

    That said, if you look into the Captivate forum on xda, there are several ROMs with 2.2 already available for us. CM is even possible now, but still early beta.

    There are also threads there for returning your phone to stock so it CAN receive the OTA update, which includes removing root. If you are going to want to keep root, I would recommend not worrying about the ATT updates anymore and start reading about Odin in the development thread here-

    Samsung Captivate - xda-developers
    11-18-2010 10:26 AM