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    I’m not a modem expert or anything, but this might be a good reference for those who have signal or battery issues (or just have the itch to flash something). Anyone who has additional info/corrections, post it here or shoot me a PM and I’ll add it to this post.

    DISCLAIMER: Me, Android Central, or any member of these forums, are not responsible for what you do to your phone.

    What is a modem?

    The modem (aka radio) is basically the software portion of the cellular radio in your phone. This has an effect on signal (obviously), and battery life.

    Why do I care?

    If you’ve never flashed a ROM and don’t plan to, then this probably isn’t something you should worry about. The modem that came with the last OTA update will be the best 99% of the time. However, if your signal diminished with an update, and you’re willing to flash something, then you might be interested in “downgrading” to an older modem.

    If you’re using a custom ROM (I9000 based in particular), you may have more to gain. If you use an I9000 based kernel, you will use an I9000 based modem, NOT one made for the Captivate. These work just fine most of the time, but because they aren’t made for your phone or network, you may run into issues.

    How do I know what modem I have?

    Setting>About Phone>Baseband Version

    When should I try a new modem?

    If you are perfectly happy with your signal and battery life (yeah, I know there’s only 3 of you, but it has to be said), then don’t worry about it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If you’re having issues, then maybe it’s time to flash a new modem. Just be warned, some modems will improve your signal, some will do the opposite. If you’re in a low signal area, and have no way of flashing back right away, then wait for a better situation.

    Which modem should I use?

    There are two basic rules to modems:
    1. Use a 2.1 modem with a 2.1 ROM/kernel; Use a 2.2 with 2.2.
    2. Use a Captivate modem with a Captivate kernel, I900 with I900 kernel.

    Follow those rules, and nothing will blow up.

    Here is a list of commonly used and/or current modems. If none of these work for you, then maybe you’re signal just sucks. All files are flashable through clockwork. Everything is there except Captivate 2.1 JH7, JH3,and JF6.

    Captivate (2.1) Modems:
    UCJH7 - AT&T Captivate from OTA update
    UCJH3 - AT&T Captivate
    UCJH2 - AT&T Captivate
    UCJF6 - AT&T Captivate from stock ROM

    If you have the modem file for JH7, JH3,or JF6, please PM me. Maybe I'm just blind, but I can't find them anywhere.

    Captivate 2.2 modems:
    UCJJ4 - AT&T Captivate
    UCJI6 - AT&T Captivate
    UCKB1 - AT&T Captivate

    Link for Captivate modems: [REF] The modem thread - xda-developers

    I9000 2.2 modems:

    These all have WCDMA 850/1900 (AT&T 3G) enabled by default. I’m not going to clutter this up with modems without these bands. If you want them, they’re all in the modem thread at XDA.

    The modems that contain "UG" (or the Telus modem) prefer 850, while the rest prefer 1900. To use a 1900 modem, you must flash an 850 modem first. See below for the procedure.

    T959TLJL3 (Telus Fascinate)

    Link for I9000 modems: [Modems] - Q4 2010 & Q1 2011 (Froyo) - WCDMA 850 enabled - xda-developers

    How do I know what to use?

    No one modem is better than any other modem. Region, ROM, and other factors can affect which one works best for you. Generally, the more recent the better, but other than that you only have other users’ experiences to go on.

    I just flashed a modem, and now I don't have any signal. What do I do?

    Most of the I9000 modems default to 1900mhz. You probably live in an 850 area. Easiest way to fix:

    1. Start with JK4. It uses 850 as default.
    2. Flash a go-between (sort of a middle man). The path seems to depend on the user. I use JK4-KP1-JVE/JQ1, so I would try KP1 here.
    3. Boot the phone, and set it down for a few minutes. It has to connect to the 850 band. If it doesn't, make sure you have 850 enabled. If it still doesn't, go back to JK4 and choose a new go-between.
    Note: If you live in a 1900 area, there's a good chance you'll lose signal when you go to an 850 area. Have JK4 (and optionally your go-between if you want to use your current modem) ready on your SD card.
    4. Once it connects, go back to recovery, choose your modem, and install it.
    5. If it boots and you get signal, you're done. Give it a few minutes to lock on. If you DON'T get signal, either choose a new go-between, or add a second go-between (start back at JK4).

    Just keep trying different things until it works. If you just can't get it, JK4 will always work with 850. I suggest always having that ready, just in case. (It only takes a minute to change a modem).

    What if I need to go back?

    Just flash your old modem through clockwork. It's a good idea to keep the file for your old modem on your phone, just in case.

    What are your experiences? Have any more questions?
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    02-21-2011 06:21 PM
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    So im using jk4 right now and in the new di11i update he replaced it with jl2. Is it because its better?

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    02-27-2011 10:37 PM
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    From what I understand, modems are only "better" according to area. Different modems work better in different locations. Test out different modems and decide which works better for you.
    02-27-2011 11:28 PM
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    From what I understand, modems are only "better" according to area. Different modems work better in different locations. Test out different modems and decide which works better for you.
    I like your pic

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    Me too...it makes me drool.
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    So correct me if im wrong, but do I just flash the new modem to my fone? I read on xda that u need to have a 2.1 rom, flash jh8, then flash 2.2 with a i9000 modem. But since I already have a i9000 rom, can I just flash the modem?

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    Since you are using a i9000 ROM, you need to use a i9000 modem. JK4 and KP1, the modem from the Chinese i9088, are very popular. And you flash a modem just like you'd flash a ROM or kernel with ClockWork recovery.

    [REF] The modem thread - xda-developers

    [Phone] i9088ZNKP1 - xda-developers
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    At first I was like where the hell did my thread go lol. Then I was like oh it just moved. BTW thanks, that should really help out.
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    JVE added. I can't try it yet, but it might be a good upgrade from JK4.
    03-01-2011 07:20 PM
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    i9000 roms such as JK4 unlock HSUPA wich will increase your upload speeds. My experience with JK4 over stock was 1.3mb/s+ compared to .3mb.

    Something else i experienced was with both my stock captivate and old i-phone was an echo when i talked to anyone on a CDMA network. That has disappeared with the JK4 modem
    03-28-2011 12:04 AM
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    Didnt see any info for 2.2 with a baseband of I897UCKB1
    kernel version reads that helps
    05-28-2011 07:23 AM
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    Didnt see any info for 2.2 with a baseband of I897UCKB1
    kernel version reads that helps
    Maybe that's because a certain adviser has neglected updating this thread . I'll update it sometime this weekend.

    KB1 is the most recent Captivate modem, so as long as you're on a Cappy kernel, that's your best bet.
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    How about KB2?
    01-10-2012 07:59 PM