1. earlthepearl's Avatar
    Why hasn't a smart person figured out how to get the pattern lock working for my phone after I setup my exchange account? I hate the pin code screen on Android. It's very clumsy and no grace period option. I've tried Moxier and Touchtown, but I prefer the native email client for whatever reason. I'm surprised someone hasn't nailed this down yet. I can root and rom no problem, but that is there my prowess ends.

    I just loaded Cognition 5 v2 (2.3.3) on my Captivate. I had Paragon (2.2) previously. Back when I had the original 2.1 this seemed to be a glitch and I was able to do this. Good times.

    Just a rant I guess, carry on.
    09-30-2011 01:21 PM