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    I'm really enjoying the Captivate however we just got these devices a couple weeks ago when signing up for a new plan with AT&T. At the time these devices were 1 penny, pretty good deal! Anyway, apparently we can exchange within 30 days and last night my wife was looking at the Samsung Infuse; it looks pretty sweet and we can swap these cappy's out.

    Obviously, I'm wondering what you all know about the Infuse, thoughts? To be honest I want to AIM even higher and get the Galaxy S 2 or the Skyrocket but...money is always a factor.

    I'm aware there is an Infuse forum but since I'm technically still on Captivate I figured I post this here.
    01-19-2012 08:11 AM
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    Meh, HSPA+, not LTE. No Gingerbread yet, might see ICS. "Better" Super AMOLED screen drains battery faster. Basically a bigger Cappy. Just because you can exchange doesn't mean you should. GSII Skyrocket would be a different story.

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    01-19-2012 12:25 PM
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    To be honest, I'm seriously salivating over the GSII Skyrocket...it's 200 bux but should more than keep my satisfied for 2 years lol. I agree about the Infuse...although with my poor vision a slightly bigger screen could be nice. Like the idea of the front facing camera too..now I can take some sweet "self pics" of my ugly mug lol
    01-19-2012 01:11 PM
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    I'm an Infuse 4G owner and I would say if you can handle the extra $100, just go with the Galaxy SII, it's totally worth it. The Infuse was released at a very odd time when the Galaxy SII was already being flaunted as Samsung's flagship phone in Korea/UK. It lacks many of the internals that the Galaxy SII has (Infuse only has single core, less ram, slower processor, etc. all of which honestly, you may or may not notice on your daily use depending on what you do).

    Most importantly, the Galaxy SII is Samsung's new flagship phone. That means it has the greatest user base of all Samsung phones that have been released recently (maybe second to the Nexus), so you know that the SII will be given the most attention as far as updates/bug-fixes, etc.

    The Infuse has a promised Gingerbread update and it is indeed coming very soon (within 2 weeks or so). However, it most likely will not get Ice Cream Sandwich, which will be coming on the SII.

    As far as SII vs. Skyrocket, I personally prefer the SII. The Skyrocket once again is slightly a niche phone and will most likely not receive as much attention from Samsung as the SII. Skyrocket/Infuse both have 4.5" screens and while it's nice and big, it has the same pixel density as the SII, so you'll have a bit more noticeable pixels when viewing. But I've played around with both an SII and an Infuse and a Skyrocket, and honestly, the SII's 4.3" screen seems to be the sweet spot for me as far as being both large enough and still being ergonomic in one hand.

    I have pretty big hands and when I use my Infuse, I still have to stretch a tiny bit when using with one hand. This didn't happen when I was playing with the SII.

    Battery life is ok. I charge every night and my battery lasts me usually until from 8 AM to 8 pm ish. That's when the battery starts to go yellow, and red around 10 pm.

    The Super AMOLED + screen is much better than the Captivate's Super AMOLED screen though. You really just have to see them side by side to realize how much better it is.

    With all this into account, I think the most important question is what you do with your phone. If you are a basic user (i.e. email, texting, calling, browsing, etc.), I'd just stick with the Captivate if you're worried about the money. However, if you watch videos on your phone, play games, and also use it for taking a lot of pictures, I think it's worth it to pay the extra $100 or so and go for the Galaxy SII (or the Infuse, if you want to settle on that instead). You are going to be using that phone for 2 years from now on - in that sense, especially if you think about just how much your monthly data fees surmount to, it's just worth paying that extra bit for a better 2 years of use.
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    01-20-2012 12:51 AM
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    Well thank you for the information, you covered all the bases. I definitely see going with the SII as the best choice, that's the direction I hope to head to. I hope to have my mind made up over the weekend.
    01-20-2012 06:07 AM
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    I have both the Cappy and the Infuse. My Captivate ran good on Froyo and other than the Tethering popup bug, it also runs great on the Gingerbread. My daughter uses my Infuse. When I first got it for her I was jealous of the larger screen. She soon started to notice many quirks with its performance though. There times when I think she would like to throw the infuse in the trash because she gets frustrated with its problems. She has wifi connectivity issues, messaging issues and I think it just plain freezes on her at times. We are hoping to get gingerbread on it and hope that it will fix the problems. My advice though would be to go with something newer. If the Infuse does ever get the 2.3.x update it will most likely be the last major update for it (just like our captivates).
    01-20-2012 07:59 AM
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    the Infuse is a captivate with a bigger screen, slightly overclocked processor, and front facing camera. the GS2 (in any form) is superior to either the captivate or infuse. i personally own both a captivate (still use every day for music and podcasts) and a GS2. Touchwiz 4.0 is light years ahead of 3.0 and even has some of the inticing features of ICS built it to it even though it's running gingerbread. i can understand though how finaces play a big part in someone's decision. i agree with yohannie, i prefer the GS2's 4.3 screen over the Skyrocket's 4.5 since they both use the same number of pixes, the pixel density on the GS2 is better, and brighter IMHO. BTW, when i bought my GS2 it was running 2.3.4, 3 months later AT&T upgraded it with 2.3.6. So the OS upgrading is already much better this time around with the sammy phones.
    01-26-2012 02:07 PM
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    Get both....Awesomeness! X2
    01-28-2012 10:30 AM