1. alphadog's Avatar
    Does Samsung have a site to report bugs? I can't find forums or anything else. I would love to alert them to obvious omissions/bugs like not being able to move mail to other folders, or not being able to select a phone number in a calendar meeting.

    There are certainly others, and although i am hoping for custom roms, it would be nice to see some of the touchwiz and other things fixed.
    07-22-2010 10:58 PM
  2. simulator's Avatar
    contact us - SAMSUNG

    Click email on the bottom left. I actually got a response.

    Everyone should write and complain about shtty gps!
    07-22-2010 11:02 PM
  3. alphadog's Avatar

    I missed that one, but i had sent in something else, and got a form back telling me to call customer service, so i thought they had nothing. I will try this link.
    07-22-2010 11:09 PM