1. know1's Avatar
    I feel like a real dummy here, but I downloaded and installed LauncherPro, but can't really figure out how to use it on the Captivate.

    There is no icon for it when I look at my applications, but it's listed under Settings>Applications so I know it's there.
    07-26-2010 07:39 AM
  2. mojonation1487's Avatar
    download homeswitcher from there you can use launcherpro
    07-26-2010 07:41 AM
  3. know1's Avatar
    Thanks. I'll try that.
    07-26-2010 08:06 AM
  4. Joeybear23's Avatar
    I rooted my phone then just installed Lancherpro and you double-tap the home key to get a selection screen to come up. At that point you can set it as the default launcher or just switch to it or the standard launcher back and forth.
    07-26-2010 08:21 AM
  5. know1's Avatar
    Thanks - I tried it very briefly and it seems similar enough to Touch Wiz, that I don't yet see the point of using it. I'll keep playing with it and see if there are any advantages.
    07-26-2010 10:38 AM
  6. Lyanheart's Avatar
    All of the different launchers are going to be similar to each other, it mostly boils down to what you want it to look and feel like. Personally, I'm fine with TouchWiz despite not using any of its built-in widgets (daily briefing, social feed, etc).
    07-26-2010 11:53 AM
  7. braj's Avatar
    I like how easy it is to add apps to the home screen from the drawer, and how easy it is to delete apps from the device. Plus you can put more icons in each view than tha default launcher, get rid of the dots to indicate the page you are on (instead uses a small line at the bottom, really minimal). And you can put 5 shortcuts at the bottom instead of the default launcher's 4. At first I didn't see the big deal but you have to poke around and set it up the way you like, then the differences become apparent.
    07-26-2010 12:29 PM
  8. SterlingSpring's Avatar
    Juat a quick question...since this is on the topic of LauncherPro, but why can't I use The HTC like clock/weather widget on my Captivate? And why does it ask for the "PayPal address you used to purchase this app" when its free to unlock 'LauncherPro Plus?' And thats weird..because there was no PayPal used to begin with...Google Checkout would come into play.
    07-26-2010 02:34 PM
  9. braj's Avatar
    LauncherPro is free, the Plus version costs something but I don't need the extra features, IMO you get a lot for nothing with the free version (feel free to 'sell' me on the plus version though). The HTC clock/weather can be duplicated pretty closely with Beautiful Widgets, which is relatively cheap.

    I'm currently using the free Retro Clock and Retro Date which are pretty nice IMO, and opens the Calendar and Clock respectively. There a a bunch of free weather plugs out there too. I bought Beautiful Widgets previously and and returned it, but am buying it again (right now!) since I have a nicer font installed now, plus there are a huge number of skins available.. Anyhow, I'm finding there are lots of choices.
    07-26-2010 04:55 PM