1. XKxRome0ox's Avatar
    do all the galaxy s series phones use the same battery?
    as in... i can use the same battery in the i897 captivate and the i9000 galaxy s... etc.?

    asking because i am looking to buy spare battery for my captivate...
    and i see this on ebay

    the i9000 battery is labeled as "G7"
    my captivate battery is labeled as "G9" ...

    i see some sellers listing the "G7" batteries as being compatible with the vibrant and the captivate
    i think i'll just pull the trigger
    09-24-2010 03:08 AM
  2. Apanther's Avatar
    I bought these off ebay and they work just like the OEM.

    B147s 2 Battery + Charger For Samsung SGH-i897 Galaxy S - eBay (item 110568143192 end time Oct-01-10 04:40:50 PDT)

    I have been using them for 2 months now. They say i9000 as well. So, as cheap as they are, I say go for it. However. I always charge them in the provided charger instead of the phone. Just in case they blow up or something.
    09-24-2010 01:05 PM
  3. jflexe99's Avatar
    I use a 1foot by 1foot generator, so when I game and browse, my phone don't die in like 4 hours haha!

    Its a nice honda generator, so when I hit fast processing speeds, the generator hits Vtec to keep up!


    09-24-2010 08:31 PM
  4. XKxRome0ox's Avatar
    i ordered the samsung branded batteries for the i9000
    but ordered a generic wall charger
    i can't wait to get them because my phone nearly died on me today after a full day's use
    it'll be nice to have a spare battery in the car and one at home at all times
    09-25-2010 02:55 AM