1. T4RBoarder's Avatar
    Today while looking at swapping a phone out at verizon I took a look at the fascinate and noticed some differences between that and my cappy. There are aesthetic differences with the touchwiz overlay. The messaging icons are different on the fascinate and also in a different location...the settings icons also seem to be in color vs black and white on the cappy and it also seems the status bar has color icons as well. Upon closer inspection it seems as if the epic is also similar in this way and I'd like to know if I can make this happen on mine.
    10-13-2010 11:02 PM
  2. anneoneamouse's Avatar
    Those sound like froyo differences; are they running 2.2? If so likely the Captivate will see similar sometime soon. AO
    10-14-2010 02:10 AM
  3. T4RBoarder's Avatar
    Afaik none of the galaxy s line has froyo yet

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    10-14-2010 09:50 AM
  4. jflexe99's Avatar
    What T4R said...the i9000 is the closest to official release. I think the official froyo is out from Sasmung, but not the providers.
    10-14-2010 10:13 AM
  5. T4RBoarder's Avatar
    Played with a fascinate today, definitely different from my cappy. Having color accents and more refined looking icons made my phone seem cheap. It also had a ton more live wallpapers

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    10-15-2010 07:36 PM
  6. MANdroid5000's Avatar
    Can anyone get some screenshots of this?
    10-17-2010 06:03 PM