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    Hi, so this is a partial port of a thread I started over on the xda-forums, but I'm finding no luck there.

    I may have possibly water damaged my Captivate a few days ago. It wasn't submerged or anything, but was in my pocket when I got water on my lap, and didn't come out immediately.

    I disassembled the phone and let it dry for a few days, and after putting the battery back in and starting it things seemed to be working fine. However, the battery was almost dead to begin, and when I plugged the charger into the USB port, I got an error about battery temp being too high and charging pausing as a result.

    When I plug the phone in while it is off to the wall charger, I get a screen that flashes from the usual charging picture (the battery with a little bit of green in it) to a picture of a batter next to a caution sign and a high temperature thermometer.

    What should I do? I see no signs of corrosion on the battery itself or the pins that connect with it. So long as the phone was not plugged in, I got no errors and it worked fine (on the 2% battery life that is now extinguished). This leads me to believe the problem is in the micro USB port on the top of the phone, but I can't be sure. I cannot see in it very well and don't want to disassemble it unless I have to.

    Should I just buy a new battery? Will I never be able to charge my phone through the USB jack? Does this mean I should get an independent charger for the battery, and just juice it up that way from now on (a big hassle)? Any and all advice or experience appreciated.

    People have suggested cleaning the connectors for the battery in the phone and on the battery itself with isopropyl alcohol. I will do this, however there is no visible corrosion on either of those (I've checked pretty thoroughly). Any other ideas?
    11-17-2010 11:40 PM
  2. loraque's Avatar
    Maybe if you ask nicely at an ATT store, they will let you try the display model battery to see if that works or not in your phone, so you know which parts you need to purchase from them. Water damage is hard to predict or explain though, so don't short circuit your head if your battery hates you now.
    11-18-2010 09:31 AM