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    Ok. Posted a thread yesterday about internet but got that working. Now I have 3 issues.

    1) I cannot seem to connect to my works exchange email. I've tried a hundred different combinations of things. I've tried all 3 options, imap, pop, exchange, as well as the sync accounts in settings. Nothing so far. I've had this email account on my iphone and other droids work fine, but so far no luck here.

    2) I also cannot get access to my work wifi. I can't really make changes or do much with the router settings since it is a work thing. I did have it working on my iphone with no issues. And my home wifi connected immediately with the captivate. I enter the password(which I know is correct because my iphone still works) when trying to connect and the captivate says it is the wrong password. I've looked at the wifi help but again, I can't really alter the router settings. But it did work on my iphone sooooo....... I dunno.

    3) When I try downlaod things from the market, it says "your download will start shortly" or something like that. Then it never does. I have handcent and k9(trying to solve my outlook problem) showing up in my dowloads but not as installed. They still just say "install" and "free" as if I've never tried. Same thing happens over and over again without it ever going to my status bar and even trying to d/l.

    Well, that's it for now. lol
    Sorry for the wall of text. Thanks to anyone with any help or who even bothered to read.
    01-06-2011 08:27 AM
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    Is your phone completely stock or? Does anyone at your work have the same phone that IS working on the wi-fi system there, and did they have any problems getting their email set-up? Will they help you set up yours and let you look through their settings to make sure yours is set up the same way? It seems like you are tech-savvy enough to know how to set all this up. So... unless you are running some custom rom that has email and wi-fi issues, I am leaning towards maybe you got a bad phone and need to go see your att sales rep. If the phone is stock, the only thing you should be having trouble with is the gps ha ha...
    01-06-2011 08:43 AM
  3. Nodnerb's Avatar
    Everything is stock on 2.1 with the update out of the box. It is an unlocked at&t I am using on the fido network in canada. Just got it yesterday. No one I know of has one.
    I know the wifi works because it connects to my home network. And gmail setup no problem and is pushing.

    If worse comes to worse, I wonder if I can get my hotmail, outlook mail and outlook calendar forarded to my phone through gmail?

    Thanks for the reply.
    01-06-2011 08:55 AM
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    1. Exchange = Microsoft. The reason it works so nicely on your iphone, is because Apple paid MS big dollars to license the APIs required to do so. Android/Google does not pay the tab, so has to hack it in there. Everyone I have seen ask about Exchange on Android gets referred to the App "Touchdown" which paid for the APIs I believe, and makes hooking up to Exchange easy. It is a pay app... they have to cover the Microsoft fee afterall.

    2. Copy and paste the password for your wifi to make sure you are not fat fingering it, or otherwise goofing on the new keyboard. Dropbox is a great place to store your wifi passwords so you can get them on your phone, copy with the dropbox editor, and paste it into the wifi window. It is possible that your Corp wifi is using an additional/different security method as well. Make sure you are choosing the correct protocol (WPA/WPA2 etc).

    3. Clear your Market cache. Hit MENU-SETTINGS-APPLICATIONS-MANAGE APPS. Locate the MARKET and select it, CLEAR CACHE. Try again in the market. If you see the icon show up in the notification bar, and immediately disappear... usually the cache clear will fix it. I know of one app that I always have to update from the app home page though... Pocket Legends always does the start-fail thing from the market for me. No idea why, but it must happen to a lot of people as the home page for the app now offers the app directly from there.

    Clear the market cache though, and that should do it.
    01-06-2011 12:33 PM
  5. loraque's Avatar
    Just noticed this. May be some reading to solve your wifi work issue-

    01-07-2011 09:02 AM