View Poll Results: What keyboard do you use?

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  • Swype

    17 68.00%
  • Android

    5 20.00%
  • Samsung qwerty

    3 12.00%
  • Samsung handwritting 1

    0 0%
  • Samsung handwritting 2

    0 0%
  1. Nodnerb's Avatar
    Curious what stock keyboard you folks are using. Is anyone using the swype or the samsung handwritting keyboard?The handwriting one seems neat. Reminds me of my old palm but not sure if it'd be easy to become fluid and fast with.

    I'm new to the captivate and have been using the default(samsung qwerty) keyboard and just started playing with the other options to see what I like.
    01-13-2011 12:25 PM
  2. mbeezy's Avatar
    I'm using the gingerbread keyboard now. But I like to use swype sometimes.

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    01-13-2011 12:28 PM
  3. jengle53's Avatar
    Swype! This is what sold me on the phone over the blackberry. Thought I may miss the hard keyboard, but I've grown to love swype.
    01-13-2011 01:32 PM
  4. loraque's Avatar
    Swype in portrait mode is a timesaver. Swype in landscape mode is pointless (IMO) as it simply increases the time it takes to type compared to portrait. I wish there was a way to have Swype as the portrait KB, and the stock android one for landscape mode.

    Watching the videos on the Swype website is a HUGE help in typing better on your phone. There are tricks.
    01-13-2011 02:36 PM
  5. RUSH's Avatar
    Well, I'm using gingerbread keyboard on my Evo(not rooted). It's totally awesome - I can't get the hang of using swype.
    01-13-2011 02:39 PM
  6. davey11's Avatar
    I like swiftkey
    01-13-2011 05:24 PM
  7. Nodnerb's Avatar
    Thanks folks. I guess I'll give swype a try since everyone seems to like it.
    01-14-2011 08:03 AM
  8. loraque's Avatar
    Thanks folks. I guess I'll give swype a try since everyone seems to like it.
    Go to the website and watch the videos. Helps out a ton to see some of the tricks, especially the one on going faster and not correcting at every word. Swype has a real nice feature to double-click a word for other options... very quick to do that when you are done typing to each word that may be wrong, rather than do it as you go. Helped my speed hugely.
    01-14-2011 09:17 AM
  9. _Zguy__'s Avatar
    Gingerbread keyboard
    use swype when im feeling it and sometimes regular samy kbd
    01-15-2011 06:43 PM
  10. XANAX's Avatar
    Swype FTW!
    01-15-2011 09:29 PM
  11. MustangMatt429's Avatar
    Gingerbread keyboard...all the way.
    01-15-2011 10:09 PM