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    It all depends on where you are and where you use your phone...of course, right?

    That should be your priority. I have AT&T and it's great here in DC.

    Here is an interesting blog post on the carriers and the Note2. Interesting points. As well as this one, which I have heard before:
    Samsung Galaxy Note 2: AT&T to Verizon - Which U.S. Carrier is Best?

    ATT fails over to HSPA+ if no 4G LTE/as you leave 4G LTE areasthats enabled in their chipset. Ive read this before in greater detail, but the article I sent you did mention it.

    Finally, a nice perk that the AT&T Galaxy Note 2 offers is the fact that it runs on both of AT&Ts 4G networks. That means that while it runs on 4G LTE, it will run on HSPA+ where 4G LTE isnt available. HSPA+ is much faster than regular old 3G and 3G is where Sprint and Verizons Galaxy Note 2 will run should 4G LTE not be available.

    Other carriers do not do this. Verizon falls back on CDMA 3G. Sprint has more coverage than T Mobile, but far less than ATT/VZW it seems. However, Sprint is ok in some metro areas, like DC, so it depends on your location.

    Tmobile is also planning to have LTEbut, again, is nowhere near the coverage as the big 2.

    Here is T-Mobiles full statement in regards to the capabilities of the Galaxy Note 2:

    The Galaxy Note II features a Qualcomm 9215M chipset which provides the hardware capability to support both HSPA+42 and LTE. T-Mobile plans to reach more than 200 million Americans with LTE by the end of 2013. The Galaxy Note II will not automatically access T-Mobiles LTE network. We will share more information on how and when the Galaxy Note II will support T-Mobiles upcoming LTE network when the network is available.
    Yea thats another reason why I want at&t I know hspa+ is fast so that's a good backup plan

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    10-26-2012 02:37 PM
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    I actually considered tmobile but in my area its horrible

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    Then my second choice would be AT&T. They're great!!! I do love the fact that every international phone that comes out will work flawlessly on AT&T. I also love what I pay with AT&T. Check to see if you qualify for a monthly discount through your job. Good luck!!!
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    10-26-2012 04:08 PM
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    Then my second choice would be AT&T. They're great!!! I do love the fact that every international phone that comes out will work flawlessly on AT&T. I also love what I pay with AT&T. Check to see if you qualify for a monthly discount through your job. Good luck!!!
    Yea I checked and I would get a 23% discount so I would actually pay less then what I do now

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    My co-worker has the S3 on at&t and there service is great...I was playing with her phone recently..and it is lighting fast with the LTE..just don't understand why sprint is taking so long with this process, this is the longest project ever!!!

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    Taking so long? They've been working on their own LTE network since 2011. AT&T still doesn't have a complete LTE network (I don't think they even know which spectrum they are going with for LTE yet since they have licenses all over the range of spectrum)...and T-mobile is a joke at LTE (HSPA+ and HSPA++ is NOT LTE).

    Sprint let Clearwire try to install 4G for them...since Sprint owned a major stock in the company...but Clearwire's leaders gambled away the liquid assets and ran out of money, and left Sprint holding the bag with pissed-off customers in the wrath. Sprint got the blame for Clearwire screwing up, and had to eat that mistake. Then they have a phone with a totally different 4G technology (WIMAX), which is dead and totally different from the 4G they are rolling out now. Sprint took gambles on Nextel and nearly cost them the entire company (aging technology, aging equipment, and shrinking customer base)...then taking this gamble on Clearwire to hold up it's end of the bargain and put WIMAX in...when Clearwire knew from the start they didn't have the equipment, money or investors to even scratch the surface of Sprint's coverage...Clearwire should've got the blame and been forced to pay for replacing EVERY WIMAX Evo Sprint sold...but then again, with Sprint having so much stock in them, it would've been Sprint literally paying for it.

    Usually when one company agrees to do something for another company and signs into contracts for doing that, they are responsible for it..but Clearwire dropped the ball, fumbled it, and then punctured a hole in the ball...and never got anything in the form of flack from customers...the customers all blame Sprint and still do, to this day for that mishap. But the truth of the matter is Sprint just wanted a return on investment (ROI) from Clearwire and to get something for ALL the money they put into that drowning company.
    11-05-2012 06:47 AM
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    Well after 7 years of Sprint data 900/237 kpbs.....at my home speeds 250 /60 kbps much of the time.
    That has changed for the good with AT&T HSPA+

    Home Speed
    Should I switch from sprint to at&t-screenshot_2012-11-09-13-07-52.png

    ATT LTE should arrive in my area 1st - 2ndQ next year but honesty I'm quite happy with whats currently available.
    Web pages load fast with no stutter.
    The 3GB cap will take time to get use too but hey with Sprint I was lucky to get over 1GB due to how slow speed was.

    Att GN2 version is more snappy , device wakeup lags not an issue & build quality is better then 2 sprint versions I owned

    I'm a happy camper all the way around
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    11-09-2012 12:25 PM
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