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    I am the proud new owner of my very first Android phone. My galaxy note 2 on AT&T. I was an apple fan boy for 4 years and finally saw the light. So here I am , trying to figure out this new amazing piece of technology I hold in my hands. First, I tried to set my vibration pattern for my notifications to "tick tock" and it won't set it. It Says It's on tick tock but it's not. All of my text messages come through with the long "normal phone" vibration. I'm trying to get my Facebook, email, and text to have The tick tock vibration tone, and my phone calls to have the normal long vibration. Next, I'm having problems with S Beam. A coworker of mine has the GS3 and we tried sending files back and forth between my note 2 and his gs3. I can send them but cant recieve them. I have nfc and s beam turned on. Any suggestions why I can't recieve files ? Lastly, I bought a song on Google play, and it shows up in my "play music" player, with the orange headphones. But it doesn't show up in my other player. Just titled "music player". Is there any way to move purchased music into that particular player ? They're both native players. Not third party. I just prefer the 2nd one mentioned over the first one. Thanks in advance for your help.
    11-28-2012 01:24 PM

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