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    Hey Everyone,

    My names Joel. I recently have made the choice to make my GN2 my primary phone. I was stoked to have something so big and blazing fast compared to my IP. Coming from the IP, it was a slow process, I made sure I had all the ground work ready for an easy start up and good first impression. I'm loving it so far........Once getting use to the mode of operations, exploration of this phone assures me that its truly and IP killer. Let me start by saying I do not regret the switch yet, and don't foresee it in my future.

    However, I have ran into a few issues.

    1. My phone does not respond to soft reset

    2. The battery usage was awesome the first few days. Not letting the phone out of my grasp for the greater part of 8hrs ( exaggeration ), didn't really even put a dent in battery life. But the days that followed revealed a gas guzzling hiptop ( Laptop/desktop on my hip LOL )...I know I'm a dork!

    3. I didn't download any app, I didn't have on my iphone except for Music Paradise to enjoy my new musical freedom. But now my N2 freezes in text messaging, and my contacts take a while to load.

    I loaded all my data from my IP to my N2 using erase and sync. A mix of 1000 contacts, and some 2000 pics/vids. My downloaded music files I have moved to my external SD JIC. Could any of you help me with sorting the issue. I'm moments away from committing to a hard reset..............HALP PWEASE!!!

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    12-03-2012 07:19 PM
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    After some good reads on the boards, learning more navigation tricks I was confident to track down and kill my gas guzzler app......With that said

    Small update, it was the erase n sync app killing my battery. Ended that process yesterday and I haven't charged my phone in over 8 hrs. Lost just under 20% of battery life overnight. This includes me waking up to my 10yr old drawing on a picture of her brother, while waiting for me to wake up and take her to school. ..lol

    Now all I need to do is sort the messenger issue, and why I cannot soft reset my N2.

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    12-04-2012 10:36 AM

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