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    I am not rooted and I have a Galaxy Note 2 from ATT model I317. I was able to pair my Vizio tv remote to my phone using bluetooth, it is a VUR10. It works great for a while, but if I am not constantly using it the phone seems to forget that it is there or only part of the buttons work. I thought that I read in some other forums that the Galaxy products do have a bad habit of loosing the bluetooth connection with some devices. Is there a better way to utilize this remote as a keyboard without being rooted? Any apps that would help make it more functional or fix the bluetooth problem. I really want to use this remote while I have my phone hooked up through the smart dock. At this point I don't have a usb powered hub to hook up to the smart dock to use a wireless keyboard/mouse combo.
    01-04-2013 11:27 AM
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    Well, try upgrade your device's OS.. it might just fix the bug you have.
    Many Samsung's product only gets update via Samsung Kies.

    Or else you can take a look at all the solutions posted at the other thread

    Btw, I replied your post on http://androidforums.com too but the moderator there deleted my post and many other posts..

    If you want to use an app based remote mouse, you will need to be rooted.
    There is no known solution on Android that can do remote mouse without root.
    If you have root, you can try


    If you can live with Keyboard only, try
    Tablet Remote
    01-16-2013 12:11 PM

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