02-26-2013 03:04 PM
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    I would not compare the 4S to current Android devices but the iPhone 5 as the 4s is a two year old phone which is a lifetime in mobile devices.
    Plan on switching everything you might currently use iCloud for to Google services as it's too hard to get everything cross syncing otherwise. Google Now and some other Google apps are pretty cool but you give Google even more of your personal data as you are the product to Google not their customer. Their customers are the ad agencies they sell your data too. Apple does not share user data with anyone or sell it.
    I haven't found an Android podcasting app as good as Downcast or Instacast for iOS but there are plenty that are good enough.
    Get used to a real cheap plasticky feeling device in the Note 2. I can live with it but its very different form Apple build quality.
    Apps will be very inconsistent in quality, look, and UI especially compared to the core OS.
    You will want to root your Android phone. Jailbreaking an iPhone will get you many features found on rooted Android phones but Apple is more diligent about closing of jailbreak hacks. There are alot of custom roms but they can be more trouble than they were worth.
    Apple has better selection and app quality. Even the same apps often have more functionality and look better on iOS.
    You can do what you want with the Note 2 and make it more like a handheld computer than a mobile device. Apple compensates for this somewhat with better app selection and quality but not enough for some people.
    The Google Play store is a mess. Malware is an issue. Fragmentation is an issue so its not at all unusual to buy or download apps and find they don't work on your device. The Note 2 is pretty popular so theres a better chance apps are tested and working on it.
    Micro-usb functionality is less than an Apple 30 pin or lightning cable. Apples cables do faster charging as well as provide audio, video, and data paths. You can't just plug a Note 2 into a usb port in your car have everything work as it does on the iPhone. If you listen to podcasts you probably do it in your car so you will need usb connected but also an audio cable in your headphone jack unless you can do sound via bluetooth. My particular 2012 Honda does bluetooth for voice but nothing else so I have to have it plugged into the usb port for charging and an audio cable for podcasting or music. iBolt makes a car holder that is supposed to include a cable that does both but the cable is AWOL so far.

    Hey everyone, I have been thinking of leaving my iPhone and getting a note 2 or a GS3. I am not currently eligible for an upgrade so I would have to pay full price. I had a HTC evo on sprint 2010-2012, so I am not a total android noon. I am getting bored with iOS and the current path apple seems to be on doesn't thrill me either. Even though all mobile devices work great together ( macbook,iphone ,iPad) I still have been wanting more from my phone. The small screen on my 4S is bothering me and I am loving the nexus 7 I bought last week.
    If I purchase one of these 2 phones and decide that I'm not totally ready to make the switch will I be able to return it? I would still have the 30 days to return it for a full refund correct? Also, could someone reccomend a good podcast app? I am using podcast addict on the nexus right now and its OK, but is there better choices out there?
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    02-26-2013 12:25 PM
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    Picked up a Note 2 at Best Buy two days ago and I haven't put it down yet.
    02-26-2013 03:04 PM
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