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    I've been trying to sync my Note 2 calendar and contacts with Outlook, and have been on loooong calls with tech support. The first guy got my google email account set up (I didn't know I had to have that to use my Note 2). He created a Google calendar on my laptop, then sync'ed that to my Note 2. I called back (to get someone else) and they did in fact get my actual Outlook calendar copied over, including my color coding for categories in our family schedule. Last night I called once more, hoping to have someone help me completely erase both my calendar and contact entries on my Note 2 (removing duplicate Google calendar events, and leave a clean canvas for Outlook, as I had made many changed on my laptop). He was able to remove google entries, but when we did the sync with Outlook, my phone ended up with all of the old/wrong appointments PLUS the new updated ones AND remove all category coloring.

    He told me after this that as of January 1, 2013, Google removed the program that had supported full sync with Outlook, and the only option was to buy some app that runs around $50. He also said there was NO way to remove all of the data from my Note 2 calendar other than doing it manually, entry-by-entry.

    01-20-2013 05:05 PM
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    I use a "Android-Sync", a $29.95 program that syncs Outlook Contacts, Notes, Calendar and Tasks (not eMail). It will sync three ways (Outlook to Phone; Phone to Outlook; or both ways). When you first open the app it finds the necessary drivers and then asks you step-by-step how you want it to work. It basically installs itself and it's worked flawlessly on my Galaxy Note 2 for over two weeks now. They have a free trial and a money back guarantee but I just bought it straight out after reading dozens of reviews on all the available sync programs. There's also plenty of on-line tutorials in case you need specific details. One more thing, I did delete all my contacts that the guy at the AT&T store synced before I installed the Android-Sync program.
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    01-28-2013 11:18 AM

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