03-02-2013 12:43 PM
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    Given that the issue arose after the multi-window update, and given that sometimes the auto-rotate feature does work intermittently after not working for a while, I'd strongly suggest that it's a software problem, which means that it's more likely to get fixed. And since it's not just limited to a few users, and since the phone is a flagship, it should get fixed in the next major update (hopefully).

    While this is not related to the auto-rotation bug at all, I think there's another bug that's significantly more critical: the location services don't work after a few days since booting up the phone. While they do work on Google Maps and Google Earth, they don't work on other apps like the AccuWeather home-screen widget or any other apps that require location access. I'm trying to see if waiting it out will cause the bug to fix itself, or if rebooting is going to be the only fix. Checking and unchecking the location service options ("Use wireless networks" and "Location and Google Search") does not fix the problem. I'm thinking that this is a software problem too. Is anyone else having the same problems?
    1. sir thank you very much for the information, reassured me, all you have logic argues. I will be patient waiting for the fix. I read this post in its entirety, is helpful. thanks

    2. what you say about the location, I've noticed with the application called beautyfull witgets, as I had to manually select the location.

    3. samsung'm officially confirm this bug?...

    ty all
    03-02-2013 12:43 PM
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