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    I've done quite a bit of searching on the good ole interwebs and haven't been able to find a solution to my problem, probably because the Note 2 is relatively new. So i thought I'd post here as a last resort.

    Any who, the problem I am having is that I mistakenly wiped my phone without backing up my notes in S Note and I had written a lot of important notes on there. I can't find anything that will help me out with this problem as the Note 2 does not support UMS Mode. I've downloaded quite a lot of data recovery software for androids and smart phones in general and have had no luck getting the software to recognize my phone because of the lack of UMS Mode. I've read that there are ways to work around this but only for external SD cards, unfortunately mine is an internal problem.

    If anyone can help me out with this it would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.
    01-24-2013 11:12 PM
  2. jdub1981's Avatar
    Any chance you backed any of the data up to google or samsungs cloud services? Other than this I think you may be out of luck.

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    01-25-2013 05:25 PM
  3. note2man's Avatar
    I used the normal Google back up that's on the phone but I didn't think s notes were included in that since after restoring from the back up they weren't there..
    01-25-2013 07:04 PM
  4. crimsonsky's Avatar
    Assuming you're using S-Note, I believe those are backed up if you have a Samsung account.

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    01-26-2013 01:05 PM
  5. jdub1981's Avatar
    And when you first activated your phone you were given a chance to sign up for a samsung account.

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    01-26-2013 01:22 PM

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