1. dlee1001's Avatar
    Yesterday night I got a shock when I picked up my phone while touching the metal frame (is it really metal?) of the camera lens. It just finished charging and was left plugged in. That made me wonder: how does this phone deal with static discharge? There was no damage to anything after getting the shock, but it still concerned me.

    I must say that I live in a dorm that is very dry - 20% humidity. Nothing I do increases the humidity that much; there is a 3% increase at the most when I try really hard to get more humidity in.

    This morning, just a few minutes ago, my phone did something it never did before. I unlocked my phone and found out that my home screen was completely frozen; I couldn't scroll across the different home screens or tap anything on the screen. All the hardware buttons (including the menu and back buttons) did respond though, and I was able to pull up and down the notifications panel. I then locked the phone and opened my e-mail app from the lock screen. It did open, but I couldn't scroll down or open any of the e-mails. So I rebooted the phone and that solved this weird glitch. But now I'm worried that it might come back.

    Have any of you had the same problem? Do you think it was somehow caused by that shock I got?

    Please help!
    01-28-2013 09:56 AM
  2. BeRich's Avatar
    I have yet to be shocked by mine, even while it's plugged in. HOWEVER, I do have a CM Pop case on mine that has the silicone layer inside and side grips that prevents me touching the bezel (the metal). Just keep an eye on it, and keep us updated on if it happens again. Who knows? Maybe someone will have the same issue and not have been shocked by their phone?
    01-28-2013 05:03 PM

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