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    Hi....I have looked around for an answer but must admit I am confused.....

    Have the Galaxy Note (Not note 2) and run Cyanogen mod....In the auto I have the parrot hands free speaker phone and it works great with the note via blue tooth. Speaker is direct wired to the parrot hands free so I am not using the auto speakers....and don't want to. I want to connect the Note when using GPS Nav application to a speaker via blue tooth and it appears that I will need to buy a blue tooth speaker.

    Am I on the right track ?? and if so, then how do I connect the Note to the blue tooth speaker for nav only while leaving the Note connected to the parrot for phone activity ??

    Many Thanks for helping me understand how some of these things work....Koimanic

    WOW...over 150 views but not one comment or suggestions ??? Is it something I said ?
    05-11-2013 07:31 PM

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