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    Hey Samsung or ATT! Any of you guys ever read these forums?

    I love my Samsung Note 2, but there are 2 continuing problems that are driving me crazy.

    1-My messages keep disappearing. Works fine for a while and then "messaging has stopped working" This has been posted before but no one has a solution. I was told it was the Launcher 8 App, but I stopped using it and they still dissappear. It happens with stock messaging and message apps. I have done a factory reset and it still does it. I have the 4.1 upgrade and it still does it.

    2-I use SwiftKey keyboard cause it's the best one. Whenever I reboot phone, it defaults back to the Samsung keyboard. Than I have to reset it everytime. SwiftKey says it's an Android problem that should be fixed with upgrade but upgrade did not work, so now they say on the next upgrade to 4.2 but no one knows if or when that is coming.

    Can anyone give some solutions please?


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    06-29-2013 09:54 PM

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