I am running JB 4.1.2 and the last couple weeks my battery has been draining fast.

    Android OS is using about 20-30 % every day
    07-05-2013 11:35 AM
  2. Tommy Clarkson's Avatar
    That's completely normal .. it has to be something else really draining it.
    07-05-2013 01:49 PM
  3. jeffrey10000's Avatar
    That is not normal. My Android OS only uses 8%. It sounds like you have a app that is keeping your phone awake or actively running. I had this with a Samsung app that had an update but would not notify of such. I found about the update when I opened up the app.

    Sent from my Samsung Note II using Android Central Forums
    07-05-2013 03:46 PM
  4. BeRich's Avatar
    I've had my Note 2 since November and about two months ago I noticed my battery life began declining at a faster pace than normal. I rooted it and am running CleanRom and I'm back to being able to use it all day long without getting battery warnings in the evenings. Some nights I can go without charging it.
    07-05-2013 04:30 PM
  5. Btomlin75's Avatar
    Android averages 10% on mine. I tend to restart the phone my phone about once a day to kill any programs that don't close properly.
    07-05-2013 10:38 PM

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