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    So I just got this phone today from ebay and it doesn't come with the original charger , I have phew cables from my old lg and others phone which using the same port , the thing is when I try to charge it , I plugged in and the screen will not turn off , I tried to press the power button but a few seccond it turned itself back on, it just keep doing it and sometimes it even changed to dock mode and then disconnect even though it still plug in , HElP , what do I do now ?
    07-13-2013 07:56 AM
  2. prepaidguy9081's Avatar
    Might be that you have a 5 pin cable n not the new 11 pin mtp cable

    Might be that screen on while charging is tiked in settings idk where it is off hand, go hunting

    If thats notbit try a freinds power brick if that solves replace yours

    If thats not it, buy a new cable off ebay for 1 dollar. Anything micro usb for a sgs3 or later

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    07-13-2013 08:36 AM

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