1. bossfan61's Avatar
    I've had the AT&T Note 2 for two weeks now and I really like it.

    Up until a couple days ago, I could go almost 2 days before needing to recharge. Now, all of a sudden, the battery is draining at the rate of 10% per hour. I'm not a heavy caller, I use the same handful of apps throughout the day, and I don't do any streaming or downloading of music or videos. I regularly check the battery stats, and the Screen is always at the top with an average of about 50-60%. There are no other questionable or rogue apps running, and all other apps are at consistent and reasonable levels. I keep my Brightness at 75% and Timeout at 30 seconds, with Auto Brightness turned off. My habits haven't changed since I got this device, so I am really perplexed at the sudden battery drain.

    The only conceivable thing could be LTE recently being turned on in my area. However, according to reps at a couple AT&T stores here, this happened a couple weeks before I got the Note 2. I intentionally did not include a screen shot of Battery stats as there's really nothing out of the ordinary, or that I haven't already Googled to see what it might be.

    Maybe LTE means more battery drain and I should just get used to it? Are there any higher capacity Note 2 batteries that would still fit inside the standard rear cover? All feedback is appreciated.

    07-27-2013 11:41 AM
  2. Cameron Brinkman's Avatar
    It maybe a touch wiz caused problem because this sounds insanely similar to the problem my s3 is having . Likely no correlation and I am wrong but this sounds the same. Different hardware though.

    Sent from a place on earth
    07-27-2013 11:46 AM

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