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    As I got the Note 2 last November, I'm ineligible for an upgrade until November of next year (somehow my upgrade date got pushed back from May to November). It's not that I really need a new phone, because my Note 2 is still running like it's new and it's still an amazing phone. What I'm concerned about is when we'll get 4.3 JB. I've been searching online for any hints about the 4.3 update, but to little or no avail, so I was wondering if others have more knowledge or insight into it.

    You more than likely know that the Note 3 has a ton of killer features that are improvements to the Note 2's features, such as multi-window drag and drop, improved air command, and Action Memo. I don't see any reason that the Note 2 can't have any of these features, since it's still a very powerful device, also given that Samsung has consistently given older phones features found in their new phones in their updates.

    Any insights into this would be useful while we wait for the update, which I believe should bring additional benefits, such as improving battery life (if it's not already amazing), hopefully fixing that auto-rotation bug, and best of all, lock screen widgets!

    Let the discussions begin!
    10-17-2013 09:41 AM

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