12-17-2013 10:48 AM
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  1. zaydabarber's Avatar

    "AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2"
    11-23-2013 09:11 PM
  2. dlee1001's Avatar
    At this point, I'm thinking to myself that the update could occur anytime now. But the tech news sites imply otherwise, since there hasn't been any new updates since last Thursday regarding this update for the AT&T Note 2. But Samsung's website for the phone says it's running on 4.3 now (proof: Specs - AT&T Cell Phones SGH-I317 | Samsung Cell Phones). What does that tell us?
    11-24-2013 08:08 AM
  3. zaydabarber's Avatar
    I hope we get it dis week

    "AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2"
    11-24-2013 07:39 PM
  4. nstuber3956's Avatar
    I wouldn't hold your breath. AT$T is notorious for holding back updates.

    Posted via Android Central App
    11-24-2013 07:47 PM
  5. dlee1001's Avatar
    Have you read http://www.gottabemobile.com/2013/11...-update-close/? I chatted with Samsung tech support and their response was consistent to what is mentioned in the article, that Samsung thinks AT&T released the update. Before I chatted with them though, I checked for updates on my phone and Kies, and my phone said the software is up to date (4.1.2, UCAMH3). Clearly, the update has not been released, given that no one here or on other forums have excitedly stated that they got the update.

    When I mentioned to the tech support rep that there has been no tech news articles announcing the availability of the update and how no one in various forums have received the update, he then told me that the update was put on hold because of some software issue. I pried a little, asking what kind of issues are keeping it on hold, but all I got was "The software update for Samsung Galaxy Note is temporarily on hold while AT&T and Samsung look into potential improvements." That sounded familiar...

    ...and that's because I read from several sources online that the AT&T Galaxy S4's update was put on hold for the exact same reason. The update for the S3 was put on hold due to people reporting big problems after updating, and now it's live again.

    I also asked the rep if he could tell me when the update will be made available again, only to get that canned response telling me that he can't speculate. I had actually half-expected to get this response, but you never know; some reps have disclosed information about future updates.

    I encourage you to chat with Samsung so that other reps can also be made aware that despite Samsung's web site for the AT&T Note 2 saying that it's running 4.3, no update has been released. Maybe there really is a problem with our update, or maybe AT&T hasn't released it yet at all. Those who are analytical about things like this can look into why we haven't gotten the update when the Sprint version and all versions (except Verizon's) of the S3 (which, as we know, has similar characteristics to the Note 2) got it as well.
    11-24-2013 08:44 PM
  6. jvak55's Avatar
    My 3 Galaxy SIII's finally updated OTA to 4.3 yesterday ,but still waiting on my Note 2 to join in.
    11-25-2013 07:56 AM
  7. dlee1001's Avatar
    Tech news articles reveal that the Note 2 in India is getting 4.3. Hopefully that means it won't be long until everyone else in the U.S. gets it. Yes, I'm constantly scrutinizing the Internet in my spare time for news about this until we get it. I love getting updates.
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    11-25-2013 08:10 AM
  8. jvak55's Avatar
    Yeah nothing like an update. 4.3 has some cool features in it with what little i have played with one of the SIII's.
    Runs smooth as can be and love the new mail features. Voice command has come a long way in many areas.
    Hopefully with the Galaxy Gear out we will get the Note II update soon
    11-25-2013 08:26 AM
  9. zaydabarber's Avatar
    Verizon getting their update Friday

    "AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2"
    11-25-2013 09:08 AM
  10. eds817's Avatar
    I'm thinking that AT&T is going to wait until after the Thanksgiving holiday. They are sure to have a reduced support staff during the holiday and by waiting they will be able to accommodate all the calls they anticipate getting.

    Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using Mobile Nations mobile app
    11-25-2013 02:28 PM
  11. dlamonte1's Avatar
    Mine is downloading now... OTA Update is 623.1mb
    11-25-2013 05:16 PM
  12. sMt73's Avatar
    Mine is downloading now... OTA Update is 623.1mb
    Note 2 AT&T? You sir, seem to be the only one getting the update then it seems.
    11-25-2013 05:26 PM
  13. eds817's Avatar
    Mine is downloading now... OTA Update is 623.1mb
    Where are you located?

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    11-25-2013 05:27 PM
  14. mhenne4's Avatar
    Nothing for me on at&t yet, just checked

    Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using Tapatalk 4
    11-25-2013 06:25 PM
  15. dlee1001's Avatar
    Where are you located?

    Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using Mobile Nations mobile app
    Samsung says that device selection for the updates is random. Even so, it's still nice to know for ourselves whether or not the update was released by region or if it really is random.

    Mine is downloading now... OTA Update is 623.1mb
    Are you in India or are you in the U.S. with Sprint? India and Sprint are the only ones that have gotten the updates as of now. I also ask and say this because no one here has gotten the update. Also, there is still no word from tech news sites about the 4.3 update for the AT&T Galaxy Note 2.
    11-25-2013 06:33 PM
  16. sMt73's Avatar
    Yeah - I am just going to wait to be surprised when I see that little notification icon. Until then, what I have is working / works.
    11-25-2013 06:51 PM
  17. zaydabarber's Avatar
    I just check Nothing mine and no update here

    "AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2"
    11-25-2013 07:45 PM
  18. JasW's Avatar
    Nothing this morning. I did get 4.4 for my Nexus 10 last night, though. So now it's three updates better/past what I have on my Note 2 now.
    11-26-2013 06:49 AM
  19. zaydabarber's Avatar
    Nothing here I just check

    "AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2"
    11-26-2013 07:31 AM
  20. zaydabarber's Avatar
    They must not be ready for sales of the galaxy gear watch watch Verizon Will update before att does

    "AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2"
    11-26-2013 07:39 AM
  21. sMt73's Avatar
    Nope. Nada. Zilch here. WA State.
    11-26-2013 10:27 AM
  22. barskin's Avatar
    Nope. Nada. Zilch here. WA State.
    Nein, non, nanimo here. Boston, MA.
    11-26-2013 11:04 AM
  23. barskin's Avatar
    Achhhh. I don't know how we can care about something like this, now that Brian Griffin is dead.
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    11-26-2013 11:06 AM
  24. VDub2174's Avatar
    Oh the joys of waiting for an update
    11-26-2013 02:09 PM
  25. barskin's Avatar
    Oh the joys of waiting for an update
    Yeah, it's like sitting by the phone waiting for someone to call for an update, huh? Remember Vicki Carr?

    "Let it please by AT&T, oh dear God, it must be AT&T, it must be AT&T, or I shall die, or I shall die. Hello, hello.. oh dear God it must be....."

    11-26-2013 02:26 PM
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