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    I have a group I have to group-text aka text-to-email often.
    When I am in my text box and add all the group participants in text or email addresses, only the text messages that are sent, are seen.
    I have done a test of a text-to-email address and found it works every so often.
    As a GROUP text-to-email addresses, not everyone is getting the email.

    Is it that my phone # is seen as the starting email address and is placed in their spam possibly or in junk mail.
    Or is there a setting I have to complete when sending a group text to email addresses.

    I've trouble shot most things I can think of.
    Is there an answer. AND will I have to get into my email box to send out the emails from there. (Another Words- will email to email work only and not text to email)

    thank you
    04-11-2014 02:13 PM

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