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    I have a AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SGH -i317. But it has a Straight Talk Sim and is on the Straight Talk network.

    Long story really. I have a Note 2 that is my sisters and she brought it to me to try and fix because it was stuck at the Galaxy Note 2 screen and kept restarting. Most of the time it came up with the TWRP? Normally i would just click back up and reset and it would come back on but now that didn't work. And to make things worse I accidentally erased everything on the phone including the OS so now it really doesn't work.

    I've followed a couple guides on how to try and fix it and i kept seeing the word "Root" every time i pulled up a search. I don't know much about rooting but i have done it couple times to know how to use the program but that's about it. Dont know much about the slang used to describe these activities as well. But any who, I tried a couple file with no success. I came across this one guide that was able to let me mess around in the menus for a short bit.

    The guide wanted me to start with i think like a 4.1 update of android then going to 4.3? Then finally to the last one which i think was 4.4. I was also doing the Over The Air update which the guide was telling me to try. IDK if any of this is any help but im just throwing it all out there

    After downloading 2 of the 3 files it was saying that it needed, i tried "flashing?" the 3rd file and it wouldn't do it. I've tried using Kies and it wont do anything for me. Doesn't give me a recovery code for the emergency back up files or whatever it is. I've been using Odin 3.07. The main problem was trying to figure out how to get another OS on phone. I couldn't find anything about an OS but kept seeing Root and thought maybe it would help.

    I'm also assuming the phone has a battery problem as well because it doesn't charge all the time. only works when it wants to so that has been a great pain trying to deal with. All the files I was downloading were AT&T files and I have no idea if I was supposed to find and use Straight Talk files to make it work again? Not sure. I'm not to familiar on how the whole process works. I spent 8+ hours on this trying to make it work right again but to be it blatantly I don't know what the hell im doing. I'm pretty tech savy for the most part but this has been a great challenge.

    Now the phone is my sisters so I have no idea what kind of information it had on it before I accidentally wiped it completely, like the version or software or anything like that. She also said they unlocked it once which is what you have to do i guess if you want to switch to a straight talk network?

    Please help someone. I'm on the end of my rope and im a very Desperate Man. Thanks.
    09-29-2015 03:59 PM

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